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Who's Who & What's What in KISStory!

Important people, places, and other "things" in KISStory!


10th East 23rd Street

Noted on Gene's solo album album liner notes. Better known as the address of the loft Gene and Paul rented to use for rehearsal space for the new incarnation of Wicked Lester they were planning in mid-1972. The auditions for a lead guitarist were held there in December 1972.

30 Años De Musica Rock

A special Mexican repackaging of popular albums by many artists released in 1984 by Salvat. The KISS album used "Rock And Roll Over" with a Creatures Of The Night era photograph for the cover. A biography in Spanish was provided on the back cover. This album is one of the highly collectibe records with different covers, and can sometimes be seen offered for $350!


The band in the early 1980's which featured Tod Howarth on Keyboards, Vocals, and Guitar. 707 recorded one unreleased album, The Bridge for Casablanca in 1981, before switching to Neil Bogart's post-Casablanca record label Boardwalk to release their 1982 album "Megaforce". This album features a song called "Megaforce" which Tod later rewrote for Ace Frehley's 1988 album, "Calling To You". 707 have two earlier albums on Casablanca which do not feature Tod.


A Moveable Feast

Catering company (and also the title of a Fairport Convention album) thanked by Ace Frehley on his solo album liner notes.

A Taste Of Platinum

The name of a special 4 track promotional sampler issued in support of Double Platinum in March 1978.

A&C Memorabilia

Eric Carr's parents merchandise store which has also been a website.

A&R Studios

Recording studios in New York where some of Music From "The Elder" was recorded...

Abbott, Waring

A renowned music industry photographer, Abbott has photographed several iconic artists, including Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Annie Lennox, among many others. Abbott first teamed with KISS in 1974 and subsequently photographed several iconic early sessions, including the band's memorable trip to Cadillac, Mich., in 1975. He served as photographer at "The Elder" video sessions for "A World Without Heroes" and "I" (the latter video was never aired), as well as the band's trio performance at Studio 54 in early 1982. A collection of Abbott's KISS photographs can be seen in the 2002 book "KISS: The Early Years.

Ace Frehley Band, The

Ace's second post-KISS band, which has gone through numerous lineup changes. No material by this band has been officially released though they did record studio demos in 1995, one of which, "Take Me To The City", would later be cleaned up and included on the Ace Frehley Tribute album "Spacewalk".

Ace In The Hole Studios

Ace's personal studio located in his home in Connecticut. Parts of Music From "The Elder" were recorded there.

Ackerson, Shelley

Friend of Peter's who worked at Record Plant Studios, NY, recording commercial jingles. He often provided Peter with work to help him make ends meet.


An early KISS song written by Ace and Gene, which was comprised of two sections, "Love Theme From KISS" and "Much Too Young, which was allegedly recorded for the first album. A standard in the club days, the song was performed at least once live, following KISS' graduation from the clubs, at The Bayou in Washington DC, in March 1974. Sections of "Acrobat" were used for the music of "Detroit Rock City".

Adamany, Ken

Cheap Trick's manager, thanked by Gene on his solo aalbum notes.

Adams, Bryan

Canadian recording artist who co-wrote songs with KISS members in 1982. Some of these songs appeared on the Killers and "Creatures Of The Night", and one he wrote with Eric Carr turned up on his own 1983 album, "Cuts Like A Knife". Bryan's credits on certain songs, like "Rock And Roll Hell" and "War Machine" are a result of Gene taking earlier recorded songs that Bryan had (co)written, and changing them on his own for KISS' use. The two did not work 'together' on them.

Adams, Richard

Co-writer (with Malou Rene) of "Tossin' and Turnin'" on "Peter Criss," performed live by Kiss in 1979. Better known as Richie, he wrote for numerous artists including Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones.

Aliberte, Ric

Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes, Ric was an Eastern Regional promotions executive at Aucoin Management involved in some of the crazier gimmicks such as staging an "accident scene" outside of A&M's Los Angeles HQ to promote Piper's "Can't Wait" album. He became an independent artist manager and was later Vice President of Pop & Rock Entertainment division of Skeleton Key Entertainment.


The first KISS live album and the saviour of their career and Casablanca's financial security. Recorded in Davenport, Iowa; Detroit, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; with a bit of touching up work in the studios. This was also the first KISS album to include a premium, in this case a small picture book of live photographs...

Alive II

The second live album. Recorded at the Forum, Los Angeles, CA with part possibly from the abandoned Japanese Tokyo recording from April 1977, and with some songs recorded live in the studio... The studio side features Bob Kulick on 4 songs with Ace only playing on "Rocket Ride". Rick Derringer is still suggested to have played on "Larger Than Life". This album includes several premiums: The Evolution Of KISS booklet, tattoo sheet, and merchandise order form...

Alive III

Just as a note "I Was Made For Lovin' You" was recorded during a soundcheck in Indianapolis in 1992... This album was later released on Red, White, and Blue vinyl versions...

Alive/Worldwide World Tour 1996-7

The Reunion Tour which kicked off at Tiger Stadium in Detroit, MI, on June 28, 1996 and concluded at Finsbury Park, London, England, on July 5, 1997. The tour was the top grossing tour of the year, and by far KISS' most successful...

All Star Cadillac Brass

Providers of the ending part of "Cadillac Dreams", arranged by Paul Stanley...

Allman, Elijah Blue

Cher's son with Greg Allman thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.


Magician who taught Gene to breathe fire in Neil Bogart's office...

American Symphony Orchestra

The ASO was founded in 1962 by legendary British conductor Leopold Stokowski with the goal of showcasing the talents of American musicians through "concerts of great music within the means of everyone." The orchestra, under the direction of Michael Kamen and Bob Ezrin, can be heard on "fanfare," "Odyssey," "A World Without Heroes," and the album's concluding dialog sequence. Aside from "The Elder," the orchestra has been featured on a multitude of classical recordings, including works by Tchaikovsky, Boulanger, Ives, Debussy, Prokofiev, and Sibelius, among others. The orchestra has performed at benefits for various organizations such as the Jerusalem Foundation and PBS. ASO's award-winning music education program, Music Notes, integrates symphonic music into core humanities classes in high schools across the Tri-state area. Leon Botstein has served as ASO music director and principal conductor since 1992.

Anderson, Ken

Thanked on Gene's liner notes. Aucoin Management executive who had worked with Bill Aucoin prior to KISS. Ken was responsible for the financial magic that kept the band afloat throughout the 1970s and was also their director of production. Ken died December 15, 2013.

Andrews, Punch

Thanked on Gene's liner notes, Punch was Bob Seger's manager who had been in Bob's early 1960's band The Decibels.


Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Annie's Tea

Thanked on the liner notes of Peter Criss' solo album.

Anthony, Mark

Vocalist in the first and short-lived incarnation of the Criss band. His real name is Philip Bardowell...


See entry for Christopher Griffin...


A designer of Cuban descent, Antonia was approached by Tommy Thayer in late 1995 to replicate the original costume designs KISS had used during the 1970's for the "Alive/Worldwide" reunion tour. According to Antonia, "the goal was to recreate the original designs by Larry Legaspi with perhaps some fine tuning in the measurement department. What resulted was a faithful recreation of the look which they debuted at the 1996 Grammy Awards".

Appice, Carmine

Drummer on one song on Paul Stanley's solo album. Carmine also had a solo band in the early 1980's which briefly included Vinnie Vincent, and the two would write a song, "The Ballard Of Drum City", which Carmine would record on his Rockers (1981) album...

Aridas, Chris

(1950-2008) Guitarist in Peter Criss' pre-KISS band Chelsea. He co-wrote "Silver Lining" for that album and is credited with the arrangement of the traditional "Polly Von", with the rest of the band. However, soon after the release of the album Aridas quits Chelsea and is replaced by Stan Penridge.

Ashley, Phil

Studio keyboardist on several KISS albums, including Crazy Nights, Hot In The Shade, and MTV Unplugged...

Assembled Especially For Radio From The KISS Albums

The full title of a special promotional sampler issued in September 1978 which featured 2 songs from each of the solo albums. This sampler provided the basis for the compilations that started to appear in 1979, in several countries, called "Best Of The Solo Albums".


The Australian distribution label for Casablanca, 1975-80. Astor was better known as a manufacturer of household electrical goods.

Aucoin, Bill

KISS' co-manager, with Joyce Biawitz (later Bogart), 1973-5; and manager, 1975-82. Bill managed other acts such as Spider, Piper (who were signed instead of prospects Van Halen), Starz, and Bill Idol. Bill started out his career at public broadcaster WGBH in Boston. As director for Teletape Productions, Bill had won 6 Clio Awards, three Art Direction Awards, and a Hollywood Reporter Award by 1970 (Billboard, 10/31/70). By 1972 he'd teamed with Joyce Biawitz and formed the production company Direction Plus. They won a bronze award at the 16th International Film & TV Festival for a music promo for Tony Orlando & Dawn (with Bill as director and Joyce as co-producer). The team also produced a 13-episode TV program called "Flipside" through Direction Plus subsidiary Marks-Aucoin Productions. Thanked by Peter Criss and Gene Simmons on the liner notes of their albums. Bill had been responsible for getting the band a recording deal with the then new Casablanca records. Aucoin passed away June 28, 2010. He was 66 years old.

Aucoin Management, Inc.

(AMI) KISS' management company headed by Bill Aucoin.

Augustine, Andre

Tour Security manager for KISS, 1992-1997 who is has published a book, "Guardian Of The Gods", detailing his time not only with KISS but other major bands. Andre can often be found on the KISS Expo circuit...

Azusa Citrus College Choir

Choir used on "True Confessions," "When You Wish Upon A Star" and "Always Near You/Nowhere To Hide" on Gene Simmons' solo album. Directed by Ben Bollinger.



Blue Oyster Cult, for whom KISS had opened in 1974 and who were opening for KISS the following year thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Bad Boys Tour

Ace and Peter's Tour of 1995 where both performed sets with the respective bands, and then did a mini-Reunion together.

Balandas, Eddie

Thanked on Gene's solo album liners, Eddie was the "voice" who announced the KISS introduction at shows after JR Smalling left. Ed was also road staff security on the Love Gun/Alive II Tour. He also served as a personal assistant of sorts to Gene (and Ace's bodyguard) outside of his role as security chief for the band. He continued in that role for other bands, but died in 2011.

Ballard, Russell

English singer/songwriter/musician Russ Ballard is no stranger to KISS fans. In addition to penning the lone KISS solo album hit, Ace Frehley's "New York Groove," Ballard also wrote "Into The Night," which Frehley covered on 1987's "Frehley's Comet." Ballard also co- wrote songs the title track and "Some Kinda Hurricane" for Peter Criss' 1982 solo album "Let Me Rock You," and he wrote "God Gave Rock & Roll to You," which was covered and altered for KISS' 1992 album "Revenge." As a solo artist, Ballard charted once on the Billboard Hot 100 with "On the Rebound," which reached No. 58 in 1980. Ballard was honored as Songwriter of the Year by Classic Rock magazine in 2012.

Ball's Of Fire

A band Peter was briefly involved with in 1986. The band did not last long, though they did perform some material off Peter's 1982 solo album live (Feel Like Heaven).

Bardowell, Philip

Vocalist in the first and short-lived incarnation of the Criss band. He used the stage name "Mark Anthony"...

Barreto, Ines

Security helper for Ace Frehley for his solo album. Ines had worked security at the Capital Theatre in Passaic, NJ (along with John Harte and Rosie Licata).


One of Peter Criss' pre-KISS bands. Peter played precussion. c. 1966.

Barth, Jim

2nd engineer at Sunset Sound Studio in Hollywood, CA for Peter Criss' recording sessions.

Baxter, Jeff "Skunk"

Guitarist on "Burning Up With Fever," "See You Tonite," "Tunnel of Love" (contribution not used), and "Mr. Make Believe." Jeff was a member of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers and also did numerous sessions.

Beauvoir, Jean

Bass player for the Plasmatics. He was a collaborator on albums such as "Animalize" and "Asylum," playing select bass tracks and co-writing songs such as "Thrills In The Night" and "Who Wants To Be Lonely," among others.

Bell Sound Studios, NY

The recording location of the first KISS album in 1973.


The German distribution label for Casablanca, 1976-79. All releases by this distributor featured the normal KISS logo because the political issues didn't force the change until 1980.

Belkin, Jules

Concert promoter thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Benjamin, Sid

Owner of "The Daisy" in Amityville, New York, where both Wicked Lester and KISS played.

Benvenga, Michael

Born September 22, 1949, Michael had been the bass player in Chelsea and Lips, and the Brooklyn band The Wall, but had died in March 1977. He'd left the music to settle down and raise a family. Peter had once promised Michael that if he ever made his own album he'd have him play on it.

Best Of The Solo Albums

A non-American compilation of tracks from the KISS Solo albums which was released in South Africa, Germany, Holland, France, Mexico, and Australia in 1979. Several versions of this album are highly collectible and several of these issues feature different track listings. This album has never been "officially" released on CD.

Biawitz, Joyce

Co-creator of the TV program Flipside with Bill Aucoin, and later Mrs. Neil Bogart. Co-manager of KISS with Bill Aucoin, and his partner in Rock Steady Productions/Rock Steady Management. Her share of Rock Steady was bought out by Bill Aucoin in early 1975.

Bingenheimer, Rodney

DJ at Los Angeles KROQ who had booked Van Halen into the gig at the Starwood where Gene "discovered" them. Rodney, as part of the industry (or in his role as a rock socialite, the mayor of the Sunset Strip), had attended KISS' Mann's Chinese Theatre event in Hollywood in 1976.

Bionic Boogie

The name of a Greg Diamond's popular 1970's disco band which Mother Nature/Father Time, Eric Carr's band, appeared as doing gigs in the late 1970's.

Bishop, Steven

Recording artist connected with Chaka Khan thanked on Gene's liner notes.


The name of Bruce's first band to record original material. Other members included Michael Bolotin (who went on to solo fame, and also cowrote "Forever" with Paul Stanley), Sandy Gennero, and Jimmy Haslip. Blackjack recorded two albums for Polydor in 1979 and 1980, "Blackjack" and "Worlds Apart" respectively. Bruce kept a close relationship with Michael throughout the 1980's apearing on several of his solo albums. Much of Blackjack's material was co-written by Bruce Kulick.


Another Bob Kulick project for which Bruce provided guitars on one track.

Block, Eric

Assistant engineer on Ace Frehley's solo album. Block is a professional sound engineer based in Chicago. He has recorded hundreds of records for independent artists and labels covering a wide musical range. Always sensitive to the unique needs of each project he works on, he would be glad to talk to you about yours. In addition to studio work, Block is a seasoned live sound vet and has mixed thousands of bands over the years.

Blue Rock Studio

Recording location of Gene Simmons' solo album in New York City, NY. Located on 29 Greene Street, in the area that became Soho, this studio was founded by Eddie Korvin in 1970 and operated until 1986. The New York Dolls, with original drummer Billy Murcia, cut some of their earliest demos at this facility in June 1972 with Marty Thau producing.

Bodine, Bill

Bill was the primary bassist on Peter's album, performing on all but three of the songs. A session player, Bill had also been a member of the LA country-rock act Funky Kings.

Bogart, Neil

Casablanca Records' President thanked by Gene and Peter on the liner notes of their albums. Neil, then head of Buddah Records appeared on Bill Aucoin's "Flipside" TV show in the Spring of 1973, well before KISS came into his life. With the birth of KISS, Neil gave them unprecedented support and scope to develop their act and exposure. A flamboyant and fearless personality, Neil drove Casablanca to incredible heights in a relatively short period of time and had massive success with musical acts such as KISS, Donna Summer and Parliament. After leaving Casablanca Neil founded Boardwalk Records and signed Joan Jett whose #1 hit with "I Love Rock & Roll" book-ended a career that included #1s at Cameo (? & The Mysterians' "96 Tears"), Buddah (Lemon Pipers' "Green Tambourine" and others), Kama Sutra (Stories' "Brother Louie"), and the four Donna Summer #1s. Born Neil Bogatz, Neil pursued a recording career with a minor label release in 1959. He scored a minor hit for Portrait Records, "Bobby," in 1961. Singles followed for other labels before Neil concentrated on music from the other side of the desk. His ear for music led to the emergence of "bubble gum" rock music fad, with acts like 1910 Fruitgum Co. and Ohio Express in the late 1960s. He died on May 8, 1982, aged 39, following a long battle with cancer (he'd had a kidney removed in the summer of 1981). Gene and Paul attended his funeral and sang as part of an all-star choir performing "Gonna Keep an Eye on Us," a song from Neil's first attempt at producing a Broadway show, "The First," a musical based on the life of ground-breaking baseball player Jackie Robinson.

Bogart-Trabulus, Joyce

(See also Biawitz, Joyce) Joyce Bogart's name following remarriage after Neil's passing. While Joyce's involvement in KISS pretty much ended in early 1975, when her share of Rock Steady was bought out by Bill Aucoin, her involvement in the music business did not end. Joyce was a co-producer partnered with Bill for Direction Plus production company prior to KISS and their co-manager with him until 1975. Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes. Joyce became diva Donna Summer's manager and later became a vice-president of the TJ Martel Foundation.

Bogart, Joyce

Neil's wife, and ), .

Bogatz, Neil

(See entry for Bogart, Neil) Neil Bogart's real name.

Bollinger, Ben

Director of the Azusa Citrus College Choir who appeared on Gene Simmons' solo album. Internationally renowned and universally admired, the Citrus Singers program was founded in 1968 by Ben D. Bollinger. The mission of the Citrus Singers is "to cultivate, refine, and develop talent, preparing students to ascend to the highest ranks of the music industry." Bollinger, who was also the school's dean of fine and performing arts, retired from Citrus College in 2005. In 1985 he founded the Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater, which offers an array of entertainment from musical productions and children's workshops to a summer concert series. Situated in Claremont, Calif., the pavilion is a family business. Staff members include Bollinger's wife Lois, who is CFO, and his daughter Mindy and son Michael, who serve as assistant producer and general manager/vice president, respectively.

Bolotin, Michael

Michael Bolton's real name which he used during his early career. See entry for Michael Bolton.

Bolton, Michael

Lead singer in Bruce's pre-KISS band, Blackjack. He also co-wrote "Forever" with Paul Stanley in the late- 1980's. Bruce Kulick provided guitars for several of Michael's post-Blackjack albums in the 1980's and the two worked on Stevie's album in the early 1980's...

Bono, Chastity

Cher's daughter with Sonny Bono thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Boutwell, Ron

From 1976 Boutwell Enterprises were responsible for KISS' tour merchandise producing the band's first tour book. Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Bowen, Pamela

Wife of Paul Stanley, with who he has one child, Evan Shane. Married 1992. Separated 2000.

Boyle, Jack

Concert promoter (founder of Cellar Door) thanked by Gene on his album notes. He became CEO of SFX Music Group.

Brand, John

Assistant engineer on Gene Simmons' solo album.

Brand, Mike

Guitarist in Peter Criss' pre-KISS band Chelsea. Mike co-wrote all but one of the songs on the Chelsea album...

Brats, The

Thanked in Gene's solo album liner notes, The Brats were a New York band for whom KISS opened during the club days of '73. Fronted by Keith West, the band's guitarist was the former New York Dolls co-founder Rick Rivets. The line-up was completed by drummer Sparky Donovan and bassist Andy Doback. They released a single, "Be A Man" backed with "Quaalude Queen" in 1974. Following several line-up changes the band split in 1977.

Braun, Michael

Drummer on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Brodsky, Joel

Photographer who took the picture used as the cover for the first KISS album...

Bronx Community College

College where Paul continued his art studies following high school.

Brotherhood, The

One of Peter's pre-KISS bands. c. 1967/8. This time not jazz, but soul!

Brown, Trevor

Photographer, whose picture was used as the cover of Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Buddah Records

The record label of which Neil Bogart was president in 1971. His label rejected Peter Criss' Lips material when the band performed for them but financed two demo session for them. It was here that KISS sent their demo in 1973, where it was picked up by Kenny Kerner.

Bullfrog Bheer

A pre-KISS band of which Gene Simmons was a member, apparently with Stephen Coronel at times...

Burbank Studios

Studio in Burbank, CA, the location of additional recording for Peter Criss' solo album.

Burger, Julie

Background vocalist on two songs on Eric Carr's 1979 "Lightning" album.

Buslowe, Steve

Bassist on Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album. Steve was brought in by Bob Kulick and the two had worked together in both Meatloaf and with Michael Bolotin...

Byrd, David Edward

Graphic artist/illustrator who created the solo album mural posters. In early 1968, Tennessee native David Edward Byrd signed on as the exclusive poster and program designer the Bill Graham's new Fillmore East. Between 1968 and 1973, he created posters for artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, the Who, Traffic, and the Grateful Dead. In 1969 Byrd created the commemorative poster for the legendary Woodstock festival. That same year he designed the graphic for the legendary Rolling Stones 1969 tour that tragically ended at Altamont. In 1970 he began his career as a Broadway poster designer and over the next 20 years would do many Broadway & Off-Broadway shows, including Sondheim's "Follies," "Godspell" and "Jesus Christ Superstar." In 1978 Byrd was commissioned by Howard Marks Advertising to create the interlocking mural posters that were included in each of the four KISS solo albums. From 1970 to 1979 Byrd taught at both Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts. In 1991 Byrd took the position of senior illustrator at Warner Bros. Creative Services, which he held for exactly 11 years. Besides creating illustrations, backgrounds and style guides for all the Looney Tunes and Hanna- Barbera characters, Byrd created commemorative plates for the Franklin Mint, souvenir posters for the "Batman" franchise of films, and style guides for feature films such as "Space Jam" and "The Wizard of Oz," television shows such as "Friends" and "Scooby Doo," and the Cartoon Network. Today, Byrd resides in Silver Lake, a suburb of Los Angeles.


Cadillac High School

Location of the somewhat infamous KISS visit in 1976 where the city of Cadillac, Michigan declared it KISS day while the band played a concert in the high school auditorium...

Cafe Geiger

German New York café located at 206 East 86th Street known best for its cakes for which Gene was well known to have a propensity for, and as a result thanked by him on his album notes.

Cale, John

Former Velvet Underground member who provides the viola work on the Chelsea album. Both the Velvet Underground and Chelsea played Ungano's, and it was probably there that the connection between Chelsea and John comes from.

Caliuto, Vince

Drummer on the KISS-related album "Where's My Hero", by Rozetta, released in 1980 with Bruce Kulick on lead guitar...

Camp Surprise Lake

Actually Surprise Lake Camp, a Jewish camping & youth program in Cold Spring, NY that Gene attended during the summers as a youth. He thanked the program on his album liner notes. It had been at this camp, in 1956, that Neil Diamond met folk singer Pete Seeger who inspired him to start writing songs. Other notable alumni of the camp include Walter Matthau, Neil Simon, Jerry Stiller, and Larry King. Gene recounted his experiences at the camp in "Kiss & Make-up."

Can-Am Recorders

One of the recording locations used for the Crazy Nights album in 1987... Located in Tarzana, CA...

Caraguti, Eraldo

Artist responsible for the KISS solo album cover paintings. Eraldo was an Italian artist imprisoned by the Nazi's during the Second World War. He immigrated to the US in 1949 plying his artistic trade out of Oklahoma City before moving to Chicago as a commercial illustrator. With work published in Playboy, Newsweek, Time, The New Yorker, and other magazines Eraldo found success across both sides of the Atlantic. He also created the cover of Rush's "Fly by Night."

Caravello, Paul Charles

Eric Carr's real name. Refer to the entry for Eric Carr.

Cardinal Stone High School, NYC

One of Ace Frehley's high schools.

Cardona, Ricky

Plays congas on "Disco Symphony", a song that appears on Eric Carr's 1979 "Lightning" album.

Carlson, Rich

Security helper for Ace Frehley for his solo album.

Carnahan, Michael

Player of the baritone sax solo on "Tossin' And Turnin'." Michael had also played with Melissa Manchester who Vini Poncia had produced throughout the mid-1970s.

Carr, Eric

Born 12 July 1950. Drummer who replaced Peter Criss in 1980. Eric had played in disco and rock bands since the mid 1960's and gave to KISS a solid professional and skilled double-bass drum style for 11 years. Sadly, he died of cancer in 1991. He was actively developing a cartoon project, the Rockheads, and had a production company, Street Gang Productions. He had also been involved in management of other bands, Hari Kiri. He remained close to Ace Frehley after he left the band in 1982, and contributed numerous songs to KISS, though few were used. He cowrote with Ace in 1989, a song which was recorded but later rejected for being too similar of "Breakout". In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in Eric with the release of a Rockheads EP featuring 4 songs written for this project. All feature Eric on vocals. A full length album release would follow.

Carranza, Alex

The author and maintainer of the original online KISS F.A.Q. which ceased to be updated in August 1996. Alex now works for a software company.

Carrion, Ray

Lead guitarist in the first incarnation of Criss who stayed with the band until during the recording of the Criss EP in 1993...

Casablanca Records & Filmworks

Kiss' record label, 1973-82. Founded by Neil Bogart with Bucky Reingold, Larry Harris, and Cecil Holmes in 1973 as "Casablanca Records" with distribution via Warner Bros. records, the label was independent by late summer of 1974 (though rumors of Neil splitting from Warner were published in December 1973 before the label had even released any product). The "Filmworks" moniker was added in late-1976 when Casablanca merged with Peter Guber's Filmworks production company. The new company scored a hit with the movie, "The Deep," the follow-up to the original "Jaws" movie. In 1977 Neil sold part of Casablanca to PolyGram for a reported $10 million, resulting in the label being absorbed by the German/Dutch conglomerate in 1979. The label has shuttered in 1983 as PolyGram moved the remaining artist to other subsidiary labels such as Mercury Records.

Cassidy, Shaun

Thanked on Gene's solo album notes. One of the bands Gene was working with in 1978 was Virgin which included Dirk Etienne (vocals), Tom Moody (guitar), and Chuck Billings (drums). They were managed by Aucoin and Gene utilized Chuck as a drummer on some of his demos at the time. The band had toured with Shaun, who may have been a prospective guest due to his "heart-throb" status at the time.

Castro, Lenny

Lenny is a session percussionist who performed on "Tossin' And Turnin'" and "Don't You Let Me Down" on Peter's album. He had previously worked with Melissa Manchester.

Castro, Peppy

Background vocalist on Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album... A musician in his own right, Peppy would demo/write "Naked City" with Gene, Paul, Bob Kulick, and Karla DeVito...


Another early band of which Ace was a member, briefly...


Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Cavaliere, Felix

Keyboardist and vocalist in Vinnie Vincent's pre-KISS band Treasure, but better remembered as being a member of The Young Rascals. It was his involvement with Laura Nyro which led to his and Vinnie's involvement with her Nested project in 1978. In addition, Peter Criss covered one of his Young Rascals' songs on his 1980 solo album...

Cavazos, John

Known as John Caleb in theatrical circles, John is a well-known voice teacher, vocal coach and session singer in the Orlando, Fla., area. A trained dancer and singer, Cavazos made his Broadway debut in the 25th anniversary production of "My Fair Lady" with Rex Harrison. He was chosen by Stephen Sondheim to appear in a leading role in "Pacific Overtures," in which he received unanimous rave reviews from critics including Frank Rich of "The New York Times." He made his debut at Carnegie Hall with Marilyn Horne in the opera "Tancredi." In addition to performing with Seven, Cavazos also performs with the gospel group ReGeneration and has appeared in concert with the Orlando Philharmonic as well as the West Coast Symphony. Originally from Los Angeles, he is an alumnus of the renowned Citrus College Singers ensemble and attended Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music in New York as an opera and vocal performance major. He is also currently an adjunct music professor at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla. He was a member of the Azusa Citrus College Choir appearing on Gene Simmons' solo album.

Cellarmen, The

Eric Carr's first band with which he recorded two songs, which he had written, sung, drummed and played harmonica on, in 1967, which was released as an independent single. The band split in 1970. These songs, "Your Turn To Cry" and "I Cry At Night" were finally released on the KAOL Tribute Projects CD, Creatures Of The Net and Music From The Folder '99 respectively. The Cellarmen also recorded two songs for a publisher, "Then I Made A Wish", and "I Found You".

Chase, George D.

Lead vocalist in Creation, one of Eric Carr's pre-KISS bands, who was killed in the disco fire of June 1974.

Chavarria, Paul

Early KISS roadie/guitar tech (1974-79) who stayed with the band long after they became successful. Thanked on both Peter and Gene's solo album liner notes. In recent years Paul has worked as Production Director for tours for artists such as Alice in Chains.

Checker, Chubby

Famed recording artist of the 1960's thanked on Gene's liner notes. Chubby had provided Gene his first introduction to Rock 'N' Roll in 1962 with his hit "The Twist."


Peter's first pre-KISS band to attain any success. Formed with Michael Benvenga, Pete Shepley, Chris Aridas, and Mike Brand in 1968, Chelsea released a selftitled album on Decca Records in 1970, before splitting while working on a second album. Soon after the release of the first album Aridas was replaced by Stan Penridge. Following the demise of Chelsea Benvenga, Criss and Penridge worked together in Lips before it too fragmented. A Chelsea track also appears on a sampler record, The MCA Sound Conspiracy.


Famed musician whom Gene was romanticially involved with 1978-80. Gene would make a cameo appearance on Cher's 1979 album "Take Me Home". Guest vocalist on Gene's 1978 solo album, providing the screaching telephone voice on "Living In Sin.

Cherokee Studios

Recording location of Gene Simmons' solo album in Los Angeles, CA. Opened by the Robb brothers in 1973, the studio was a 16-track facility that had a highly modified Trident A board.


The Japanese symbol, denoting "Power" which appears on the Hotter Than Hell and Crazy Nights albums. It was also featured on Eric Carr's drum kit, and it is the title of a Japanese only compilation released in 1988 which includes the 7:54 disco remix of I Was Made For Lovin' You. Loosly defined, it means "Strength" or "Power".

Child, Desmond

Co-writter of numerous KISS songs since 1979. Paul Stanley first worked with Desmond on "The Fight" on Desmond's own album with Rouge...

Christian, Brian

Born in Chicago, Christian served as a recording engineer under legendary Canadian producer Jack Richardson, who acted as a mentor to not only Christian, but a young Bob Ezrin. Prior to his work on "The Elder," Christian engineered recordings for B.B. King, the Guess Who, Randy Bachman, the Babys, Bob Seger, and Moxy. He also served as engineer on Pink Floyd's "The Wall." Christian currently works in the gaming industry.

Christie, Robert

Born in 1913, Christie graduated from the University of Toronto. Christie was contracted to contribute spoken word dialog to "The Elder." He read the role of "Morpheus" that can be heard during the album's concluding sequence. After relocating to England in the mid-'30s, Christie performed with companies such as the Old Vic Company. He also served the Canadian Army during World War II and taught acting at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto. His film work includes roles in "The Bloody Brood" (1959) and "The Incredible Journey." He performed the role of Sir John A. Macdonald in the 1949 play "Riel." Christie appeared on Broadway, performing in such productions as "Tamburlaine" (1956) and "Love And Libel" (1960). Christie also did some television work, acting in series such as "For The Record", "Wojeck" and "Seeing Things." Christie died May 22, 1996. He was 82 years old.

Christopher, Lyn

Former backing singer for Laura Nyro who went solo and recorded and album, featuring Paul and Gene on backing vocals on three tracks, for Paramount Records in 1972. This album provides the first professional music credits for Paul and Gene.


Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Clark, Dick

Legendary US music industry/TV figure (America's oldest teenager) who gave Kiss their first national broadcast on his "In Concert" on ABC TV show in 1975. Gene thanked him on his album liner notes. Dick would continue to support the band throughout their career, and after his passing in 2006 Gene recalled, "He made it a point to come up to our small, cluttered dressing room, stretch out his arm, and say - 'If there's anything you need, just let me know. It's a pleasure to have you here'. And he smiled. And I never forgot the kind gesture. Since that day, because of him, I have tried to always offer a kind word to young talent starting out in their career. Dick Clark made the world a better place."

Cochran, Karl

Final bassist in the Ace Frehley Band befor the KISS Reunion put solo projects on hold in 1996. Karl has enhanced his KISS connections becoming a member of the ESP Jam Band, with Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, and John Corabi...


The first band which Gene Simmons and Stephen Coronel worked together in.

Cohen, Marty

Bassist in Paul Stanley and Stephen Coronel's pre-Wicked Lester band Tree in 1969.

Cohen, Victor

Rhythm Guitarist and Keyboardist in several of Eric Carr's related bands. He was a member of The Cellarmen and went on to play in "Things That Go Bump In The Night", "Salt And Pepper" and "Creation" before quiting the band in August 1973.

Cold Duck Publishing Co., Inc.

Publishing company for all the songs that appeared on the 1970 Chelsea album.

Coletti, Alex

Executive producer of the MTV Unplugged album...

Collier, David

Bassist on Eric Carr's "Lightning" album of 1979.

Collins, Crystal

Female vocalist who hired Eric Carr's Cellarmen to be her backing band on two recordings, "No Matter How You Try", and "When You Grow Tired"...

Collins, Greg

Co-producer and engineer for "Sonic Boom" (2009) and "Monster" (2012) albums. Operates his own studio, the Nook, in Los Angeles. Has worked with No Doubt, U2 and Rob Thomas.

Collins, Susan

Backing vocalist on "Speedin' Back to My Baby," "What's On Your Mind," and "New York Groove," with David Lasley. Collins is a singer/songwriter who started out a cappella on the streets of Brooklyn in the '60s and went on to work with Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Ace Frehley, Todd Rundgren, NRPS, Electric Light Orchestra, John Lennon, SNL, and more. In "You Can Take The Girl Outt Brooklyn," Collins tells her remarkable true life musical story: emerging from singing a cappella on the street corner of her Brooklyn housing project in the 1960s to an insider's career as a singer songwriter, working with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Todd Rundgren, Brian Wilson, Kiss, ELO, John Lennon, and more. Featuring three stellar background singers and piano accompaniment, the audience gets an up close and personal view of pop culture history through her alternately humorous and touching experiences: in a landmark Greenwich Village coffeehouse, flying in and out of Woodstock, singing comedy with NBC's Not Ready for Prime Time Players, arena rock shenanigans on the road with the Electric Light Orchestra, minting gold records as a session singer, show biz heartache at the hands of a vengeful record company executive, and ultimately, happiness in a fulfilling personal life as a wife and mother, still singing at the top of her game. Collins was the voice of NFL image advertising in the 2011-12 season and gives master classes with students on TV, Broadway, and, beyond.

Columbia Record Productions (CRP)

Test pressing manufacturer for Ace Frehley's album.


One of the possible working titles for the album that became "Crazy Nights" which was more joke than serious...

Conte, Robert

KISS' catalog consultant who was responsible for the Remasters. Later works with Studio Chikara putting out KISS related merchandise...

Contessa, Maria

KISS costume designer thanked on Gene's liner notes. Maria owned a costume store in New York City and was approached by the band to help with the costumes in 1973. She even toured with the band during the 1979 "Return of KISS" tour to maintain the complex designs, notably Gene's.

Conway, Dennis

Drummer on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles

Location of the recording of Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Corabi, John

Vocalist and guitarist in Bruce Kulick's first post-KISS band, Union. Corabi was formerly vocalist for Motley Crue, after their sacking of Vince Neil, and previously for The Scream and Angora. He later works with Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick and Karl Cochran on ESP, a side project to Union. While Union disappears, John goes on to become the rhythm guitarist in RATT.

Corbett, Gary

Sometimes keyboardist for KISS. Played with Paul Stanley on his 1989 solo tour.

Coronel, Stephen

Steve was one of Gene's childhood friends and Wicked Lester's first guitarist, who had been a member of both Gene and Paul's bands previously and was responsible for introducting them. Stephen Coronel cowrote several tracks for the abortive Wicked Lester album which later turned up on KISS records. Stephen left Wicked Lester after their first failled recording session and was replaced by Ron Leejack. It was Stephen Coronel who engineered the first meeting between Gene and Paul. It has been suggested that Stephen's departure from Lester was either the result of a personality clash with Paul or that Epic didn't like him. Later, songs which had been co-written with Steve would appear on "Hotter than Hell" and "Dressed To Kill."


A science fiction fanzine that Gene Simmons created in the early 1960's. It later merged with another fanzine and became known as Cosmos-Stilletto when it merged with another fanzine with the latter name. Stephen Coronel would do cover illustrations for the fanzine.

Coventry, The

The club, formerly known as the Popcorn Pub, where KISS played there first ever gig on January 30, 1973, and their final club dates in December 1973 (21-22).

Crazy Joe & The Variable Speed Band

A band Ace recorded with in 1980, playing synth drums on two tracks. The band release one album on Casablanca Records in 1981, titled "Eugene". See Renda, Crazy Joe. The bassist in this band was one John Regan, later the heart and soul of Frehley's solo bands.


The name of Eric Carr's band, 1973-74, which was involved in the disco fire in which two members died in June 1974. Shortly afterwards the band changed it's name to Mother Nature/Father Time. Creation was pretty much the same band as Salt 'N Pepper.

Cris, Peter

Peter's performance credit on the Chelsea album cover of 1971. It is quite possible that this is the form Peter had decided to use for the shortening of his surname, though Peter's real name appears on the center-ring of the album.

Criscoula, Joseph

Peter's father, thanked on the liner notes of his album.

Criscoula, Loretta

Peter's mom, thanked on the liner notes of his album.

Criscuola, Peter George John

Peter Criss' real name. Refer to the entry for Peter Criss.


The name of Peter's 1990 solo project which released an EP and and album on Tony Nicole Records. "Criss" evolved out of Peter's shortlived project with Mark St. John, and some of the early material from that project was performed by Criss. The band would go through numerous lineup changes throughout it's 1992-5 active period...

Criss-Penridge Alliance

A band project of Peter and Stan Penridge which toured and recorded three demos, "Forever With You", "Never Met A Woman", and the fantastic "Baby, Hold On", in 1985. Nothing came of the project even though they did do some limited touring. It was also known simply as "The Alliance".

Criss, Jenilee

Peter's daughter for whom he wrote a song titled "Jenilee" in 1982.

Criss, Lydia

Peter Criss' first wife, whom he met in 1967. They married in 1970 and divorced in 1979. Thanked on the liner notes on both Peter and Gene's albums. Criss released a book, "Sealed With A KISS," in 2006.

Criss, Peter

KISS' first drummer. Born December 20th 1945, Peter was the first member of KISS to appear on a vinyl release. A member of several local bands in the 1960's, Peter joined Chelsea which recorded and released on album in 1971, before it splintered while working on a second album. He then worked with Stan Penridge in a band called Lips before joining Gene and Paul in Wicked Lester in 1972. He was the first of the Original members to leave KISS, embarking on an unsuccessful solo career in 1980. Peter rejoined KISS in 1996 for the Reunion tour, though when his contract expired with the band in early 2001 he was unable to negoiate terms for continued work with the band resulting in him being replaced by Eric Singer for touring obligations in Japan and Australia. He rejoined the band for their 2003 touring cycle before being replaced by Eric Singer in 2004.

Crossley, Charlotte

A member of "The Sisters Of No Mercy", background vocalists on one song on Hot In The Shade...

Cuomo, Bill

Bill was the primary keyboard player (on six tracks) on Peter's album having worked with Vini on Lynda Carter's debut album earlier in the year. He also arranged the strings on "I Can't Stop The Rain" and "Easy Thing," and played synthesizer on "You Matter To Me" and "Don't You Let Me Down." His session work had included Buffy Sainte-Marie, Walter Egan, and Rick Springfield. He later co-wrote Steve Perry's "Oh Sherrie."

Cuomo, Curt

Producer. Curt co-produced KISS' Carnival Of Souls, Union's selftitled debut, and Lenita Erickson's 1996 album. He has also cowritten with all three artists mentioned and played drums on some of Union's early demos. Kurt had worked with KISS as early as 1987's Crazy Nights, though not as a producer!

Cusano, Vincent John

Vinnie Vincent's real name. Refer to the entry for Vinnie Vincent.


D'Amico, Frank "Cheech"

Assistant engineer on Gene Simmons' solo album. Frank worked at Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, CA in the late 1970s.

Daisy, The

A popular haunt for KISS during the club says of 1973. Located in Amityville, Long Island, NY. KISS play numerous gigs there throughout the year. Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Daniels, Johnathan

LA Musician and member of various bands including Candy, Electric Angels, and The Loveless who cowrote "Nasty Boys" with Eric Carr, Adam Mitchell and Bruce Kulick for Eric's Rockheads project...

Davis, Danny

Casablanca PR guy during the 1970's...

Davis Jr., Sammy

Famed entertainer and member of the "rat pack" with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. Gene had wanted him as a guest on his album and thanked him on his album notes.

Deale, Schuyler

Bassist in the Good Rats, the band Bruce Kulick recorded with in 1981...

DeCarlo, Joe

Cher's manager, thanked by Gene on his album notes. Joe had also managed Sonny & Cher and had been Gregg Allman's best man at his and Cher's wedding in 1975.

Decca Records

Chelsea's record label, distributed by MCA, with whom they had signed a two record deal in 1969. Only one album was released before the band split and was dropped by the label.

DeFeis, Damon

Keyboardist in Creation who was killed in the disco fire of June 1974.

Delaney, Melanie

Production coordinator for Gene Simmons' solo album.

Delaney, Sean

Kiss choreographer, guru, and co-writer. Sean produced Gene Simmons' album and received a co-producer credit on three songs on Peter Criss' album, two of which he had composed. Sean's material recorded with Peter was supposed to be demos to solicit a new producer, but were used for the album anyway. Sean also sang backing vocals on Gene's album. Peter had wanted Sean to produce his album, after being rejected by Tom Dowd, but in the interim Gene had recruited him. Sean was also responsible for "Double Platinum" and recorded a solo album for Casablanca, "Highway," in addition to his work with The Skatt Brothers.

Delsener, Ron

Concert promoter who was to the East Coast what Bill Graham was on the West. Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes, Ron had promoted many of KISS' most notable concerts, to that point, including their home-coming to New York City at Madison Square Garden on February 18, 1977. With 19,600 attending the sold-out show grossed $145,000.

Dempsey, Barry

Bass player in Ace Frehley's pre-KISS band Molimo...

Derringer, Rick

Guitarist and performer in his own right, Rick is still alleged to have played guitar on "Larger Than Life" for the Alive II Studio side, though he would perform the solo on "Exciter" on KISS' 1983 studio album!

Des Barres, Michael

Background vocalist on "See You in Your Dreams." Michael had been brought to KISS' attention through a song he brought to the "Destroyer" sessions in 1976 (which wasn't used). He recorded the demo for "Mongoloid Man" with Gene and Joe Perry. Michael was a member of the band Silverhead with whom KISS shared bills (opening for Savoy Brown) in 1974, and later Detective, who opened for KISS in 1977. He fronted the band Power Station at Live Aid in 1985.

Dewey, Warren

Engineer on the first KISS album and "Hotter Than Hell."

Di Carlo, Yvonne

Mrs. Munster from the US TV series thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Di Leonardo, Lydia

Lydia Criss' maiden name. See also Lydia Criss.

DiMarzio, Larry

Musical instrument pick-up designer thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Disco Symphony

The name of a SONG, not an album, on the Lightning album on which Eric Carr appeared on Drums and Backing Vocals in 1979. It is also the title of the A-Side of a Promotional 12" single for that album.

Dixon, Maxine

Backing vocalist on "Tossin' And Turnin'" and "I Can't Stop The Rain" who had worked with Julia Tillman (her sister) on the "Elliot Lurie" album in 1975, and Looking Glass and DC Larue.

Dodd, Rory

Background vocalist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Dogramajian, Seth

(1950-1998) Guitarist and Vocalist in Gene Simmon's early bands Lynx, The Missing Links, and the Long Island Sounds. Seth also wrote for the fanzines which Gene was publishing.

Donato, David

Vocalist in Mark St. John's post-KISS project White Tiger...


Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Doret, Michael

Artist responsible for the cover and inner dust-sleeve graphic on Rock And Roll Over...

Douglas, Allen

Assistant engineer on Gene Simmons' solo album.

Dowd, Tom

While Tom died on October 27, 2002 his was already a legend by 1978 when he was first choice as producer of Peter Criss' solo album. He'd produced Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Young Rascals, Rod Stewart, and numerous artists in Peter's preferred genres, following his start in the industry for Atlantic in 1947. He declined to participate.

Doyle, Kevin

A graduate of Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Doyle was a staff engineer at Sounds Interchange, one of the studios utilized for "The Elder." Doyle was also on hand for album sessions at Manta Sound and Ezrin Farms. He was the engineer on Glenn Gould's classic "Bach: The Goldberg Variations," which earned two Grammy Awards in 1982. Other artists Doyle has worked with include Alannah Myles, Van Morrison, Andrea Bocelli, Sinead O'Connor, Hall And Oates, and Demics. In 2004 Doyle became a professor at his alma matter, Fanshawe College. Doyle has won three Juno Awards, including one for his engineering on Myles' 1990 self-titled album, which contained the No. 1 hit "Black Velvet."

Dozier, Eddie

Vocalist on Eric Carr's pre-KISS disco "Lightning" album. He cowrote two of the songs appearing on the album.


But where is he?

Dragon Attack

A Queen song, and the title of a 1996 Tribute project for which Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick appeared on one track. Bob Kulick was also involved.

Duncan, Robert

Music journalist for Creem Magazine thanked on Gene's liner notes. Robert was later author of "KISS," a 172-page book about the band published in 1978.


Edwards-Brown, Kim

A member of "The Sisters Of No Mercy", background vocalists on one song on Hot In The Shade...

Eisen, Stanley Bert

Paul Stanley's real name. Refer to the entry for Paul Stanley.

Eisen, William and Eve

Paul Stanley's parents.

Eisenberg, Franny

Backing vocalist on Gene Simmons' album Franny was a member of the "Group With No Name" and later Bette Midler's Staggering Harlettes (with Linda Hart and Paulette McWilliams).


Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Electric Angels

LA band which included Johnathan Daniels for whom Bruce Kulick produced a demo tape... One of the songs on this demo was called "You Put The X In Sex", very similar to a title of a song that later appeared on a KISS album ;)

Electric Lady Studios

Studio in New York City, the location of the recording of four basic tracks each for both Peter Criss' and Paul Stanley's (his favourite location for recording demos and the location where Asylum, Dressed To Kill, some of Dynasty were recorded) solo albums. Electric Lady Studio was the location where Peter Criss had first met Paul and Gene in 1972, and the location of the band's first recording session in March 1973 - their demo. Gene thanked the studio on his album liner notes.


Gene's step-father thanked on his album notes. Gene's mother had remarried after Gene left home and went to college. Gene discusses Eli in his "KISS & Make-up" book.

Elias, Chuck

Thanked on Peter Criss' liner notes, Chuck was a KISS tour drum technician who also fulfilled a handyman role living with Peter. Chuck worked with KISS from 1974-79 and left with Peter to become his stage manager. Ultimately that role wasn't required. Chuck has since appeared on the KISS Expo circuit.

Emerald City Records

The original name considered for Neil Bogart's new label - it would be changed to Casablanca Records.


The UK distribution label for Casablanca, 1975-6. And for much of Europe in the same period.

Epic Records

The label for which Wicked Lester recorded an album in 1971. Wicked Lester made two attempts, but both were rejected by Epic.

Erickson, Lenita

Solo performer with several KISS connections. Paul Stanley cowrote one track for her 1996 solo album, which was produced by Curt Cuomo. Bruce Kulick played guitar in her European Tour of that year.


Evolving as a Jam Session band at KISS Expos in 1998, ESP is the Eric Singer Project which features Eric, Bruce Kulick, John Corabi, and Karl Cochran. ESP has toured on their own, to Australia, and released one covers CD in 1998...

Evolution Of KISS, The

The title of the 8 page booklet, a photographic history of KISS, included in the Alive II album...


Another of Ace's early and short lived bands.

Ezrin, Bob

Ezrin earned his renown for his seminal work with Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel and Lou Reed, in addition to KISS' 1976 album "Destroyer." Aside from collaborating with Simmons on "The Elder" storyline, Ezrin co-wrote five songs on the album and played keyboards on "A World Without Heroes," "Only You" and "Just A Boy," and bass on "Escape From The Island." He also collaborated with composer Michael Kamen for the album's symphonic arrangements, which were carried out by the American Symphony Orchestra. Circa 1974, Ezrin formed Migration Records, a label imprint distributed by Atlantic Records that is listed next to his album credit. In 2004 Ezrin was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. In 2005 Ezrin co-founded Music Rising, an initiative that assisted the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast region. Today, Ezrin resides in Nashville, where he is a board member for the Nashville Symphony. In 2012 he oversaw the remix of "Destroyer: Resurrected" and produced Deep Purple's forthcoming studio album. Ezrin also produced Kiss' "Revenge," and assisted with some arrangements for material on "Psycho Circus." Thanked by Gene on his 1978 solo album notes.

Ezrin, David

The kiddie voice at the beginning of "God of Thunder" on the "Destroyer" album.

Ezrin Farms

Bob Ezrin's home in King Ontario where parts of Music From "The Elder" were recorded with the aassistance of a Record Plant mobile truck in 1981...


Famous Monsters of Filmland

Horror fanzine first published in 1958 that Gene had enjoyed in his youth. He thanked them on his album.

Fallon, Larry

Arranger of the strings that appear on the 1970 Chelsea album.

Farragher, Danny

Backing vocalist on Peter Criss' 1978 solo album. The Farragher Brothers were a blue-eyed soul band whose debut album had been produced by Vini. He considered the vocalists his studio songbirds and had used them in other sessions such as Lynda Carter's debut. Interestingly, KISS producers Kenny Kerner and Ritchie Wise were recruited to produce the second Farragher Brothers album...

Faragher, Davey

Bassist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You." Davey had also performed on Peter's 1978 album...

Farragher, Jimmy

Backing vocalist on the 1978 Peter Criss' album.

Farragher, Tommy

Backing vocalist on the 1978 Peter Criss' album.


Another Gene Simmons sci-fi fanzine.

Fedco Audio Labs

Fain Electronic Devices Company. Remote recording equipment providers for Ace Frehley's sessions in CT. The company was based out of Providence, RI, and was founded by Lyle Fain in 1969. The company was soon providing recording services throughout New England, notably at the Fillmore East in New York City. Fedco did several live recordings for Led Zeppelin via Eddie Kramer. And KISS' "Alive!"

Fellini, Suzanne

Background vocalist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Ferris, Steve

Mister Mister guitarist who did some recording work for Creatures Of The Night... It is not clear if any of what he recorded was used...

Fields, J. B.

Paul Stanley dedicates his 1978 solo album to this trucking firm that kept KISS on the road moving their equipment from city to city.

Fields, Totie

Comedienne, who famously sparred with Gene on the Mike Douglas show in 1974, thanked on his solo album liner notes. Where Gene had attempted to come across as demonic and intimidating ("I am evil incarnate"), middle-aged Totie had put him in his place with the line, "Wouldn't it be funny, if underneath all this (makeup) he was just a nice Jewish boy?" The coup de grace, in response to Gene's weak, "You should only know," was "I do, you can't hide the hook!" Totie died on August 2, 1978.

Fig, Anton

South African drummer and session musician. In 1981 Fig was the drummer for the five-piece pop/rock band Spider, which featured Holly Knight of "Hide Your Heart" fame. At that point, Fig had played drums on KISS' prior two studio albums, "Dynasty" and "Unmasked," as well as Ace Frehley's 1978 solo album. Fig is credited as the co-writer of "Dark Light" with Frehley, Gene Simmons and Lou Reed. The song evolved from the Frehley/Fig demo "Don't Run." Fig is credited for writing the main guitar riff. As a member of Frehley's Comet, Fig played on the group's debut album, "Live +1" and Frehley's 1989 album "Trouble Walkin'." He is the longtime drummer for the CBS Orchestra, which is the house band for "The Late Show With David Letterman." Recently, Fig has played drums on albums by guitarists Oz Noy and Joe Bonamassa. He also played on Frehley's 2009 album, "Anomaly."

Finneran, Bill

Finneran is a partner of Manhattan Model Shop, a business he oversees with his wife, Kathleen. Founded in 1974, Manhattan Model Shop specializes in model making and building 3-D props for major TV commercials and print advertising. The company has built torches for the Olympics, giant pills for Tylenol and the original MTV "Moon Man" trophy. Receiving direction from art director Dennis Woloch, Finneran built "The Elder" door, including the knocker. "Music From The Elder" is the sole album cover for which the Manhattan Model Shop has built a prop. Finneran is a graduate of Philadelphia's William Penn Charter School.

Fitz, Brent

Drummer in Bruce Kulick's first post-KISS band, Union.


Eric Carr's final band, a rock combo, before joining KISS, Dec. 1979 - May 1980. Flasher ended up as a trio when thier keyboardist quit in March 1980, Eric soon followed...

Fleischmann, Robert

Robert started off as a solo artist, with people like John McVie and Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith) appearing on his 1979 solo album. Serving for a time as Journey's vocalist, he hooked up with Vinnie as vocalist in Warrior and returned for Vinnie Vincent Invasion before leaving the band. He continues to work with Vinnie Vincent...

Flo & Eddie

Founding members of The Turtles (a 60s band) who had become radio personalities in the 1970s. They introduced KISS (completed in their own make-up designs) at their major stadium appearance at Anaheim on August 20, 1976, a show that 43,000 attended grossing an impressive (at the time) $437,653. Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Fontana, Richie

Session musician who filled in for Peter Criss on the "Dynasty" album. Richie also played drums on a Sean Delaney album, "The Skatt Brothers", and Paul Stanley's solo album...

Fortress, The

The recording studio in Hollywood, CA, where the 24 Track demos which eventually became Hot In The Shade were recorded...

Foster, Bruce

Pianist who plays on "Nothin' To Lose" on the first KISS album...

Four Roses

Ace Frehley's first band c. 1968 which managed to get a gig at Mt. Saint Michael's School in the Bronx.

Fox, Brian

Drummer in Mark St. John's post-KISS project White Tiger...

Foxe, Cyrinda

Thanked by Gene on his album notes. Wife of David Johansen, of New York Dolls fame, with whom Steven Tyler had an affair in 1978. They married later that year.

Franco, Joe

Drummer in the Good Rats, the band Bruce Kulick recorded with in 1981. Joe later drummed for Twisted Sister, Vinnie Moore, Taylor Dayne, and several AOR artists...

Frangiapane, Ron

Symphonic arrangements and conductor of the members of the New York and Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestras on Gene Simmons' solo album. Ron was responsible for the creation of the demonic introduction section to "Radioactive." Ron had also worked on the Lyn Christopher album in 1972, Gene and Paul's first professional recording credit.

Franklin, Jeff

Thanked on Gene's liner notes, Jeff was the head of ATI who expanded the company beyond the scope of talent booking. Jeff had worked with Neil Bogart, dating back to his Buddah days in 1968, and had helped with financing the formation of Casablanca Records in 1973. He later arranged the deal selling a share of Casablanca to PolyGram.

Freeman, Rob

Engineer on Ace Frehley's solo album recording sessions at Plaza Sound Studios. Rob also mixed the album with Eddie Kramer. From 1974 until 1979, Rob was head engineer and part owner of Plaza Sound Studios, a classic recording facility situated atop Radio City Music Hall. His years at Plaza Sound coincided with the advent of New York's punk rock and New Wave scenes and Rob was uniquely positioned in the middle of it all as recording engineer on such seminal albums as the Ramones' debut album Ramones, Blondie's Blondie and Plastic Letters, and Richard Hell and the Voidoids' Blank Generation. Throughout his Plaza Sound years, Rob made records with an array of artists including KISS, Ace Frehley, Rupert Holmes, Twisted Sister, Salsoul Orchestra, Robert Gordon, Link Wray, Martha Velez, Sunny Fortune, Genya Ravan, John Miles, The Laughing Dogs, and many more. In 1979 Rob began the free-lance chapter of his career that continues to this day. Early free-lance projects had him recording albums with KISS, Julie Brown, and The Elektrics and mixing a Top 40 single for Agnetha Faltskog of Abba. In time, Rob made the jump from engineer to producer, and, over the decade that ensued, produced singles, EPs, and/or albums for Twisted Sister, Lawrence Gowan (currently of STYX), Tim Moore, Jailbait, Single Bullet Theory, Regina Richards, The Go, Surgin', and Queen City Kids, among others. Notably, Rob co-produced, engineered and mixed Beauty and the Beat, the debut album by the Go-Go's that went multi-platinum, topped the US Billboard album charts at #1 for six weeks, spawned two hit singles, was the first #1 album by an all-girl group who wrote their own songs and played their own instruments, and, incredibly, was crowned the CMJ (College Music Journal) Top Album of the Decade 1980-1990. Rob's efforts over those busy years garnered him a variety of acclamations and awards such as Billboard's Top 15 Producer of the Year (1982), Pro Sound News' Engineer of the Year (1983), Pro Sound News' 2nd Runner-up Producer of the Year (1983), one RIAA Gold Single, two RIAA Gold Albums, two RIAA Platinum Albums, two BPI Gold Albums, one CRIA Gold Album, one CRIA Platinum Album, and eight Ampex Golden Reels. Today Rob resides in Florida with his wife Teresa, Broker/Owner of Florida Realty Elite. Though still taking on occasional music projects, Rob has refocused his sound recording skills to include production sound for feature films, documentaries, commercials, and broadcast television shows.

Frehley, Ace

Kiss' lead guitarist 1972-82 and 1996-2002. Ace was credited with lead and background vocals; lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitars; guitar synthesizer; bass; and co-producer on his 1978 solo album. Some of KISS' recording sessions in 1981 took place at Frehley's then-new recording complex, Ace in the Hole Studios, in Wilton, CT.

Frehley, Jennette

Ace's wife, given a co-writing credit on "Speedin' Back to My Baby." Ace also thanked her for her "love and understanding" on the rear cover of the album. Gene Simmons also thanked her on his liner notes.

Frehley, Monique

Ace's daughter.

Frehely, Paul Daniel

Ace Frehley's real name. Refer to the entry for Ace Frehley.

Frehley's Comet

Ace Frehley's first post-KISS solo band, 1984-1988. There were numerous lineup changes.


Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Friedman, Len

Management operations for Boutwell/Niocua, KISS' merchandising partner from 1977 after Bill bought into the ownership of the company. Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.


Galante, Jim

Engineer at New York's Electric Lady Studios during the recording of the Dynasty album...


A late 1960's recording artist for whom Eric Carr's Cellermen are alleged to have recorded backing vocals. The artist was actually Chrystal Collins, with whom the Cellarmen recorded with at Jody Studios, though another artist named "Gale" also recorded there at the time.

Gallin, Sandy

Thanked on Gene's liner notes, Sandy became Michael Jackson's manager in 1990. Sandy also managed other artists such as Mariah Carrey and Dolly Parton. He had been an executive producer on NBC's "The Paul Lynde Halloween Special" featuring KISS in 1976.

Gardner, Hirsch

Drummer in the Paul Stanley produced New England and in Vinnie Vincent's pre-KISS band Warrior... Hirsch sued Vinnie in 1989...

Gatza, Dolores

Thanked by Gene on his album notes, Dolores worked for Glickman/Marks Management.

Gennaro, Sandy

Drummer in Bruce Kulick's pre-KISS band, Blackjack.

Gebert, G.G. Gordon

Former friend, business partner, and associate of Ace Frehley who has gained some noteriaty for writting a "tell all" book about Ace's lifestyle. He later followed up "KISS & Tell", written with Ace's friend Bob McAdams, with "KISS & Tell More!" which included some of the hate mail he'd received as a result of the first book. Following the success of the first book Gordon teamed up with former Wicked Lester guitarist Ron Leejack for a short lived project with culminated with the release of a 5 track EP which included the "Rocker Room Theme" which Ace had recorded guitars from in the 1980s.

Gerstein, Richard

Session player, better known as Richard T. Bear, who performed keyboards on "I Can't Stop The Rain," "Rock Me, Baby," and "Easy Thing," on Peter's album. He also performed on "True Confessions" and "Always Near You/Nowhere To Hide" on Gene's solo album and was good friends with John Belushi.


Responsible for the mixing of KISS and Alive III...

Gibson Guitars

Endorsed by Gene Simmons on his solo album. Gibson had been among the first group of musical businesses endorsed by the band in 1975, on the rear cover of "Dressed To Kill." The band, the company's only direct purchasing act, had even visited the factory in Kalamazoo in March 1975 and received custom guitars and basses (including a custom EBO bass that had been discontinued in 1959 for Gene). Naturally, Paul also broke plenty of Marauder guitars on tour...

Giordano, John A.

Photographer responsible for the picture used as the back cover on the 1985 reissue of Creatures Of The Night...

Glamour Magazine

Magazine where Gene worked as an editorial assistant in 1972.

Glickman, Carl

Thanked on the liner notes of Gene and Peter's albums, Carl became one of KISS's business managers (Glickman/Marks) in May 1976, managing the band's money and finances, a role he'd fill until 1988. The two had been associates dating back to a common past in Cleveland, OH. Carl died in early 2013 at age 86.


Formerly, KISS' managers...

Glixman, Jeff

Producer of several tracks on Paul Stanley's solo album in 1978.

Goatley, Hunter

Webmaster for the one of the first internet KISS websites, including the famed KISServ, Hunter was also a contributor to the originl KISS FAQ...

Godwin, Dito

Coproducer of Criss' EP and album, Cat #1, for TNT Records.

Goldberg, Danny

Thanked in Gene Simmons liner notes, Danny had done PR for KISS' "Rock And Roll Over" album (as Danny Goldberg, Inc.), prior to Aucoin Management taking over that function in the mid-1970s. He came back to the band in the early 1980s as a creative consultant and later became President of Mercury Records. In recent years he has moved on to artist management.

Goldsmith, Lynn

Celebrity photographer thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Good Rats, The

Band for which Bruce Kulick contributed two lots of guitar. Firstly on their 1981 Great American Music album, and again in 1997 on their Tasty Seconds album.

Gowers, Bruce

Bruce is attributed, via a news article in Billboard Magazine, as directing the "I" and "A World Without Heroes" videos in New York City.

Grande, Phil

Guitarist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Gray, Diva

Backing vocalist on Gene Simmons' album who had also worked with Doug Katsaros, Aretha Franklin, Bette Midler, and BB King.

Great American Records

Record label, distributed by Jem Records, that released the 1981 Good Rats album which featured Bruce Kulick on guitar...

Greco, Joey And The In Crowd

Band for which Peter Criss drummed in the 1960's, after their original drummer failed to show up for a gig. The band opened for Peter's jazz hero Gene Krupa, who he got to know and get some lessons from.

Greenan, Laurie

Kiss wardrobe designer thanked in Gene's solo album notes. Laurie worked with Maria Contessa.

Griffin, Christopher

a.k.a. "Antman". One of KISS' earliest roadies...

Grimaldi, Rick

Executive in Charge of Production on the "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" TV movie. Rick, who had worked in TV from the early 70s, worked for Aucoin Management and was enlisted to help the band and script writers to improve the movie script dialogue (CK Lendt).

Grindstaff, Jon

Arranger of the strings used during MTV Unplugged...

Grody, Gordon

Backing vocalist on "Rock Me, Baby" and "Easy Thing." Gordon was an aspiring disco/funk artist who did session work with Sean Delaney, John Blair, and Vicki Sue Robinson. He also appeared on Gene Simmons' album.

Gruen, Bob

Famed photographer responsible "Hotter Than Hell" and "Dressed To Kill" album cover photographs and the infamous shot of KISS on top of the Empire State Building. Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Guip, Amy

Artist responsible for the cover art for Smashes, Thrashes & Hits...

Gulliver's Resturant/Night Club

The location of the fire, in Port Chester, NY, where two members of Eric Carr's band, Creation, died on June 30, 1974.


Haber, Danny

Guitarist in Gene's first band, Lynx/The Missing Links, who is thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Hames, William

Photographer whose work was used on the Revenge album.

Hap, Syd

Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Harkin, Brendan

Brendan Harkin was a guitarist for New Jersey-based rock band Starz, an act Bill Aucoin managed from 1975-1977. Signed to Capitol Records in 1976, the group scored their lone Top 40 hit, "Cherry Baby," from 1977's "Violation," which was produced by Jack Douglas. Aside from Starz, Harkin has worked as a session musician on recordings for artists such as Kool & the Gang, among others. Also adept in the recording studio, Harkin has engineered recordings for artists such as Crystal Gayle, Beegie Adair and Grammy winner Michael W. Smith. In 2003 Harkin and guitarist Richie Ranno joined drummer Joe X. Dube and vocalist Michael Lee Smith for select Starz reunion concerts on the East Coast. The reunion was documented via the concert DVD "Back in Action: Live 2003." Today, Harkin owns and operates Wildwood Recording, a private music studio located on 13 acres of Franklin, TN, farmland. Recruited through Sean Delaney, Brendan provided guitar sweetening throughout Peter's album, but was only credited on "Easy Thing."

Harline, Leigh

Co-writer, with Ned Washington, of "When You Wish Upon A Star," from the 1940 movie "Pinochio" recorded by Gene Simmons.

Harpoon Man

Thanked on Peter Criss' liner notes.

Harris, Larry

A Vice-President of sales and marketing at Casablanca Records, Larry set up KISS' promotions and handled radio/retail during the 1970's. Thanked on Gene's liner notes, Larry was also Neil Bogart's cousin. Larry details his many adventures with the label in his book "And Party Every Day: The Inside Story of Casablanca Records" (Backbeat Books, 2009).

Harrison, Julie

Thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Hart, Rich

Hart's credits as an engineer include work with Pink Floyd on "The Wall," David Gilmour, Pat Benatar, Andy Williams, and Alice Cooper. Hart was also one of the engineers on the Kings' 1981 album, "Amazon Beach." Hart currently works as a re-recording mixer in the film industry.

Harte, "Big" John

Head of KISS' security, 1975-88, and Ace's production coordinator thanked on his solo album. John returned to work with KISS, during the 2003 tour with Aerosmith, and later did security with Peter Criss. Gene also thanked him on his album's liner notes.

Hartman, Dan

Disco guru of the late 1970's on whose 1978 album, Instant Replay, Vinnie Vincent provided some guitars. Vinnie also appeared with the band in some promotional photos...

Haslip, Jimmy

Bassist in Bruce Kulick's pre-KISS band, Blackjack.

Hawkins, Derrek

Former rhythm guitarist in Ace Frehley's band, circa 2007-2010. He also was a contributor on Frehley's "Anomaly" album.


The title of an 1981 instrumental which appeared on the Revenge album as a tribute to Eric Carr. Originally, it had been a work in progress by Eric and Ace, which Ace later reworked into "Breakout". All of Ace's work was replaced with Bruce Kulick on the Revenge version.


Thanked on Gene's liner notes.

Hemingway, Margeaux

Daughter of the writer Ernest Hemingway, and actress, thanked on Gene's liner notes.

Henderson, John

Guitarist in Salt 'N Pepper, Creation, Mother Nature/Father Time, Bionic Boogie, and Lightning with Eric Carr in the 1970's. Cowrote much of the material appearing on the Lightning album in 1979.

Henderson, Sarita

Wife of John Henderson and vocalist in Salt 'N Pepper, Creation, and Mother Nature/Father Time, whose life Eric Carr saved in the disco fire of June 1974.


Another of Ace's early and short lived bands.


Thanked on Gene's 1978 solo album liner notes.

Hotel Diplomat

New York "hotel", the term used loosely, where Lips and KISS both played gigs. Yet, it was at this venue that KISS put on a showcase at which Bill Aucoin was present (Aug. 11, 73). Aucoin offers to become KISS' manager, promising a recording contract within two weeks, after KISS' show there on Aug. 13th.

Howard, James Newton

Keyboardist and synthesuzer player on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Howard Marks Advertising, Inc.

Howard Mark's company responsible for the design of the packaging of the solo albums.

Howarth, Tod

Guitarist, Keyboardist, and Vocalist who was a member of 707 and Frehley's Comet. He is now a solo performer. He replaced Richie Scarlet and was then himself replaced by Richie Scarlet. He has toured and recorded with numerous artists, notably Ted Nugent and Cheap Trick.

Howell, John Shane

John plays the classical guitar segue between "Radioactive" and "Burning up with Fever."

Hunerberg, Don

Assistant engineer on Ace Frehley's solo album. He is now a veteran recording engineer, whose extensive list of credits included working at Radio City Music Hall and recording the music for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade since 1976.

Hunting, James

Bassist in Bruce Kulick's first post-KISS band, Union.

Hyrcyna, Robert "Ringo"

Considered "Bob Ezrin's right-hand man" by those who worked on "The Elder," Hyrcyna has been described as a hard-worker and someone who kept copious session notes. Prior to "The Elder," Hyrcyna engineered recordings for the Kings, Peter Gabriel, Moxy and Alice Cooper. He also worked with Kansas, Berlin, Hanoi Rocks, and Pink Floyd.



A song on "Music From" The Elder which Eric Carr did not drum on. He couldn't get the feel for it, and Allen Schwartzberg was brought in...

Ian, Janis

Vocalist singing the Latin section of the "Radioactive" introduction. Janis, another graduate of Paul's Manhattan High School of Music and Art, had a penchant as a solo artist for dealing with taboo subject matter, had several critically acclaimed hits and performed on the first ever broadcast of Saturday Night Live in 1975.

Ienner, Jimmy

Executive producer of KISS' "Double Platinum" thanked by Gene on his album notes. Jimmy ran C.A.M. Productions U.S.A., a publishing, management and production company in addition to being a producer. He had appeared, along with the Raspberries (who he was producing), on Bill Aucoin's "Flipside" syndicated TV show in mid-1973. His record label, Millennium, partnered with Casablanca in 1977, though he had left the partnership in late 1978 to team with RCA.

Interlaken Inn

Hotel in Sharon, CT where Ace, Eddie, and John Harte stayed during sessions at The Mansion.

Issak, Barbara

Assistant engineer on Paul Staly's solo album...


Jackson, Michael James

Producer of the studio tracks on "Killers," "Creatures Of The Night," "Lick It Up" and of the drums on "Animalize". Gave KISS the heavy bombastic drum sound that they tried, unsuccessfully, to reproduce on their self-produced albums for years afterwards.

Jaffe, Jerry

One of KISS' A&R men in the 1980's...

Japp, Mikel

Songwriting collaborator on tracks such as "Take Me Away (Together As One," "Down On Your Knees" and "Saint And Sinner." Japp died in February 2012.

Jason, Neil

An Electric Lady Studios session player, Neil plays bass on "I Can't Stop The Rain," "Rock Me, Baby," and "Easy Thing" on Peter Criss' solo album. He also played bass throughout Gene Simmons' solo album. Born and raised in New York City, Neil Jason is a professional bassist, producer and composer. He played bass throughout Gene Simmons' 1978 solo album and on select tracks on Peter Criss' album. His resume includes work with artists such as John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Billy Joel, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, Hall & Oates, Mick Jagger, Pete Townshend, Charlie Watts, Carly Simon, Paul Simon, Janis Ian, Harry Chapin, Debbie Harry, Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Gladys Night, the Brecker Brothers, Bob James, David Sanborn, Celine Dion, John McLaughlin, Michael Franks, Cyndi Lauper, Dire Straits, Eddie Van Halen and Luciano Pavorotti, among others. Jason was a member of the "Saturday Night Live" house band from 1983-1985 and has made more than 100 appearances with Paul Shaffer's band on "The Late Show With David Letterman." Jason currently plays bass with jazz artist Brigitte Zarie and produced her forthcoming studio album, which is set for release in 2013.


Thanked on Gene's 1978 solo album liner notes.

Johnsen, Ron

Thanked on Gene's liner notes. Ron had produced the Wicked Lester album. He also got Gene and Paul work on the Lyn Christopher album singing backing vocals on three tracks. He was also the engineer on the Peter Criss involved Chelsea album and was manager of Wicked Lester and later KISS until supplanted by Bill Aucoin.

Johnson, Don

Actor (Miami Vice) and sometime musician for who Bruce Kulick provided guitar for his 1989 album, Let It Roll.

Johnson, Skip & China

Husband of Grace Slick (1976-94) and Grace's daughter (with Jefferson Airplane's Paul Kanter), thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes. Skip was a well known lighting director who worked with KISS on their "Alive II" and "Dynasty" tours.


Kamen, Michael

A Grammy-winning composer, Kamen was best known for his work on movie soundtracks and his collaborations with artists such as Aerosmith, Metallica, Sting, Eric Clapton, and Pink Floyd. Kamen worked with Bob Ezrin to flesh out the orchestral arrangements featured on "The Elder." He previously teamed with Ezrin and Pink Floyd to work on the orchestral arrangements for "The Wall." Kamen received an Academy Award nomination for Bryan Adams' "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You," which was featured in "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves" (1991). As a film composer, Kamen's credits included "Die Hard" (1988), "License To Kill" (1989), "X-Men" (2000), and the "Lethal Weapon" franchise of films. In 1996 Kamen created the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting music education via the donation of instruments to underserved schools and community programs in the United States. Ezrin currently serves as the foundation's vice chair. Kamen died Nov. 18, 2003. He was 55 years old.

Kanon, Eddie (Ed)

Peter's drum tech since the early 1990's. He appears on Peter's Cat #1 album. Historically, Ed Kanon filled in for the injured Peter Criss at KISS' April 4, 1996 concert in Columbus, GA, where he appeared wearing Peter's costume and makeup.


Kiss Alliance OnLine: A charity formed by members of an online tribute project, started in America Online's KISS Army Online message board, which has (so far) released two KISS tribute albums, KAOL: Music From The Folder and KAOL2: Creatures Of The Net. Proceeds from the album sales are donated to the Wisconsin Childrens Hospital in memory of Eric Carr.

Karanauskas, Elli

Thanked on Gene's liner notes.

Katsaros, Doug

Plays piano, omni string ensemble, and provides background vocals on"Hold Me, Touch Me", on Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album...

Kaye, Carol

Thanked by Gene on his solo album's liner notes. Carol Kaye came into the KISS fold in 1977, working directly for Bill Aucoin at Aucoin Management, before segueing to work in the subsidiary press arm, the Press Office. There she represented all of the Aucoin-managed bands: KISS, Starz, Toby Beau, and Piper. As the owner of her own company, the New York-based Kayos Productions, Kaye has overseen successful PR campaigns for such iconic artists as KISS, Ace Frehley, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Paul McCartney, Queen, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, the Eagles, the Ramones, Blondie, and many others. The company represents bands of all genres, from classic rock, indie, and punk to blues, instrumentalists and jazz.

Kelly, Ken

Artist who painted the covers for Destroyer and Love Gun...

Kelly, Larry

Co-writer of "Rip It Out" on Ace Frehley's solo album. Larry had been a member of Ace's pre-KISS bands, Cathedral and the Magic People, and sang backing-vocals on the track.

Kelly, Sue

Co-writer of "Rip It Out" on Ace Frehley's solo album. Sue was the wife of Larry Kelly.

Kelly Services

Yep, Gene worked as a "Kelly Girl"... =)

Kerner, Kenny

Co-producer of KISS' first two studio albums, KISS and Hotter Than Hell, in 1974. Kenny was also responsible for bringing the KISS demo tape to the attention of Neil Bogart, as it was he who would sift through unsolicited demos at Buddah. Thanked on Gene's liner notes. See also Richie Wise.

Khan, Chaka

Former member of Rufus who was in the process of going solo in 1978 and who would become a soul Diva. Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

King, Casey

Belkin Productions (concert promoter) executive thanked by Gene on his album notes.

King Kong

Another of Ace's early and short lived bands. According to one story it is the drummer in this band which gives Ace the nickname "Ace" after Ace sets the drummer up with a girl...

King's Lounge, Queens

The club where Gene and Paul went to see Peter in action before inviting him to join Wicked Lester.

Kirby, Fred

Thanked on Gene's liner notes, Fred was an early supporter reviewing KISS shows in the clubs in Variety Magazine in 1973.

Kirby, Jack

Comic book artist thanked by Gene on his album notes.

KISS Army, the fans, the club, etc.

Thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Klein, Florence

Gene's aunt, George's wife, thanked on his album liner notes.

Klein, Gene

An alias Gene Simmons used.

Klein, George

Gene's uncle, thanked on his album liner notes.

Klein, Larry

Gene's uncle, thanked on his album liner notes.

Klein, Linda

Gene's cousin, thanked on his album liner notes.

Klein, Eva

Gene's cousin, thanked on his album liner notes.

Klein, Magda

Gene's aunt, and Larry's wife, thanked on his album liner notes.

Koppleman, Charlie

Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes. President of The Entertainment Company, who would later be the executive producer of Cher's 1979 album "Take Me Home" released on Casablanca Records. Charlie had worked for Don Kirshner in the 70s.

Kovas, Dino

One of three keyboardists who appear on Eric Carr's 1979 "Lightning" album.

Kramer, Eddie

Producer of Ace Frehley's solo album. A legend of the music industry, Eddie Kramer has engineered recordings for such rock icons as Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, among others. Kramer helmed many of KISS' classic recordings, including 1975's breakthrough "Alive!" and its companions, 1977's "Alive II" and 1993's "Alive III." Kramer also produced "Rock And Roll Over" (1976) and "Love Gun" (1977), in addition to overseeing the band's 1973 Electric Lady demo tape. Building on the rapport established during Ace Frehley's tenure in KISS, Kramer also oversaw the Spaceman's solo efforts such as 1987's "Frehley's Comet" and 1989's "Trouble Walkin'." Also a renowned photographer, Kramer's images are on display in Beverly Hills, Calif., San Francisco, London, and New York. Kramer oversaw Jimi Hendrix's posthumous 2013 studio album, "People, Hells and Angels." In 2012 Kramer celebrated his 50th year in the music business and his 70th birthday. Gene also thanked Eddie on his album liner notes.

Krampf, Craig

Drummer on 4 songs on Paul Stanley's solo album...

Kreider, Mark

Background vocalist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Krupa, Gene

Thanked on Peter's liner notes. Gene, a jazz drumming legend, had inspired Peter during his youth and had given him some drum technique pointers at the Metrople Club in New York City in the early 1960s.

Kuchner, Cedric

Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Kulick, Bob

Almost KISS' first guitarist. Bob auditioned for KISS on Jan. 3, 1973, though was overlooked in favour of Ace Frehley. Nevertheless he kept a close relationship with the band, and became somewhat a saviour stepping in to assist in the recording of Alive II's studio side, when Ace became "unavailable". He also played on Paul's solo album, and cowrote "Naked City" with Gene and Howard Marks for Unmasked (and recorded the demo of that song with Gene). He also played on the new tracks which appeared on the non-US compilation, Killers. Possibly, more importantly he suggested his brother, Bruce, to the band when they were desperately looking for a stand-in for Mark St. John for the Animalize Tour, a move which when Bruce signed on as the official guitarist gave KISS 12 years of guitarist stability following the problems of the previous few years. He also joined Paul Stanley on his solo tour of 1989.

Kulick, Bruce

KISS' 4th guitarist from 1984 to 1996. Bruce toured with the band as a late replacement for Mark St. John for the Animalize Tour and permanently replaced him in December 1984. He recorded "Lonely Is The Hunter" on Animalize, Asylum, Crazy Nights, Smashes Thrashes And Hits, Hot In The Shade, Revenge, Alive III, MTV Unplugged, and Carnival Of Souls with the band, and found time to contribute to outside projects, including recording demos with Eric Carr for Eric's Rockheads cartoon project. He left the band in August 1996 when it became clear that the Reunion was going to last for an extended period. He is currently in a band with former Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi, called Union, and had an album released on Mayhem in early 1998. He has appeared on several Tribute projects, recording the COS demo "Liar" for Shock Record's Return Of The Comet Ace Frehley tribute. He (with John Corabi and Brent Fitz, Union's drummer) contributed two tracks to the Rod Stewart Tribute "Forever Mod", and he and Eric Singer recorded a track, Save Me, for the Dragon Attack Queen Tribute. He has worked with numerous other artists including Michael Bolotin (Blackjack & Solo), Meatloaf, and Billy Squier. In 1999 Bruce has been involved in several releases, including Union's second album, a live effort, Eric Singer's ESP project, and an Eric Carr EP and full-length release, while Union have also completed their second studio album.

Kulick, Christine

Formerly, the wife of Bruce Kulick.


LaBelle, Andre

Drummer with Vinnie Vincent during his late 1980's attempt to rekindle his career...

Lacey, Steve

Steve played guitar on Gene's "Radioactive" (solo) and Paul's "Love in Chains."

Laird, Rick

Bassist in Vinnie's pre-KISS band Treasure who is an incredibly travelled journeyman bassist appearing on numerous recordings since the early 1960's...

Landau, Michael

Guitarist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Landers, Tim

Bassist on the KISS-related album "Where's My Hero", by Rozetta, released in 1980 with Bruce Kulick on lead guitar...

Lawless, Blackie

Leader/Guitarist/Bassist/Vocalist of WASP who cowrote some songs with Ace Frehley in 1989. In addition, Ace had produced the original WASP demo back in 1982...

Lasley, David

Provided background vocals on "Speedin' Back to My Baby," "New York Groove" and "What's On Your Mind?" Born in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, Lasley has contributed background vocals to recordings by such artists as Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor and Luther Vandross. Lasley started his music career in his teens, forming a singing group with his sister and achieving some success in the Detroit area. In 1970 he joined the cast of "Hair," performing first in Detroit and then on tour. Lasley started his career as a back-up singer at this time. Along with Vandross, he performed on many of Chic's and Sister Sledge's recordings. In 1977 he began touring and recording with James Taylor. Other performers that he has worked with include Todd Rundgren, Melissa Manchester and Bonnie Raitt, who has recorded a number of Lasley's compositions. Lasley's lone hit song as a solo artist, "If I Had My Wish Tonight," reached No. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982.


Gene even wanted the legendary iteration (the then current one anyway) of the television canine heroine to appear on his album and went so far as to send a mobile truck to her residence to record her bark.


Artist Management company thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Lee, Chris

Bassist with Vinnie Vincent during his late 1980's attempt to rekindle his career...

Lee, Stan

The Marvel Comics guru whose comics inspired Gene in his youth, and who KISS would issue their own comics throughout the 1970s. Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Lee, Will

Bassist on "Ozone," "I'm In Need of Love," and "Wiped-Out," the only songs on Ace's album on when he doesn't perform bass himself. Along with Anton Fig, Lee is also a member of the CBS Orchestra, joining in 1993. His resume includes work with artists such as Burt Bacharach, Ray Charles, Cyndi Lauper, Diana Ross, and Ray Charles, among many others. Lee is no stranger to high-profile gigs, lending his bottom end to notable events such as the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. He has a new studio album, "Love, Gratitude and Other Distractions," set for release in 2013.

Leejack, Ron

Wicked Lester's second guitarist who was involved in the second failled recording session for Epic. He became a session musician working with Cactus, for their second album, in 1971...


An early demo recorded by Gene Simmons and Brooke Ostrander recorded around 1970.

LeGaspi, Larry

Based out of Greenwich Village, New York, Larry would design KISS' costumes from late-1973 through 1978. As the band's first designer he was hired by manager Bill Aucoin to create the "leather" look which the band transitioned to after wearing their own designs (or those made by family members or bought at S&M shops). Larry owned a clothing store called Moonstone. Larry returned to KISS in 1981 and continued to design their costumes through 1983 and the "Creatures Of The Night" tour. Larry also dressed the likes of LaBelle and Parliament.

Lehenaff, Claude

Drummer/Precussionist on the 1980 Crazy Joe album on which Ace Frehley appeared...

Lendt, Chris

Lendt was an employee for Glickman/Marks Management Corp. from 1976-1990, ultimately ascending to the level of vice president. He served as business manager for KISS, managing their concert tours and overseeing the band's growing business affairs until 1988. Lendt also was the business manager for legendary artist Diana Ross. Since 1992, Lendt has been an adjunct professor of marketing at New York University. He also currently acts as a consultant for artists and entertainment companies. In 1997 Lendt released "KISS And Sell," a riveting account of his years with KISS. Lendt is a graduate of the University of Southern California and today resides in the New York area. He was thanked on Peter Criss' and Gene Simmons' 1978 album liner notes.

Lerner, Karen

NBC executive producer thanked by Gene on his album notes..

Lesniewski, John and Karen

Authors of the "KISS Collectible Identification and Price Guide"... More importantly, John and Karen organized the first ever US KISS Konvention in Boston in 1987. They also published their own fanzine, The New England KISS Collector's Network.

Levine, Barry

Levine photographed some of KISS' more iconic '70s images, including the band atop the Empire State Building, the Spirit of '76 photo shoot, the 1976 "sparkle" shots, the band's shots in front of Buckingham Palace, and the "Love Gun" mylar photo shoot. Levine has stated that his "toughest" assignment with KISS was the shoot for "Music From The Elder." For this shoot, Levine built geometrical sets to photograph the band against. Two backdrops were applied, one of which was stark white and the other a bright pink color coupled with what almost looks like a yellow lightsaber. A shot with the latter background can be seen on the "Killers" album cover. This was Levine's last session with the band until he photographed them in 1996 prior to the Alive/Worldwide tour. Other artists Levine has photographed include Elton John, Sweet and ABBA. Levine was one of the producers for KISS' 1999 feature film, "Detroit Rock City." That same year, Levine published "The KISS Years," a book featuring a collection of his KISS photographs. He is currently the president and chairman of Radical Studios.

Levinsohn, Blake

Song co-writer and Rhodes performer on the KISS-related album "Where's My Hero", by Rozetta, released in 1980 with Bruce Kulick on lead guitar...

Lewis, Jerry Lee

Legendary Rock 'N' Roller who was invited to perform piano on Gene's "Radioactive." Gene had been the offered the opportunity to produce Jerry, but schedules for both didn't work out. Gene thanked him on his album notes..

Lewis, Peter

Assistant engineer on Paul Stanley's solo album...

Lewis, Tom

Vocalist in Ace Frehley's pre-KISS band Molimo...

Licata, Ross "Rosie"

Ross was Peter's bodyguard, handler, assistant who pretty much took care of all of his needs and whims, and in many cases served as a partner in crime. Also thanked on Gene's liner notes..


The name of an album recorded by Eric Carr's band, Mother Nature/Father Time in 1979. They used the stage name "Lightning" for this album also.

Linet, Lew

Wicked Lester's manager, thanked by Gene on his album liner notes. Lew, head of Infinity Management Corp., was nominally managing KISS in early 1973, even though he simply didn't "get" the direction the band were taking. He did, however, get the band gigs at the Daisy in Amityville, Long Island, before Ron Johnsen took over. Lew moved his management business to Hollywood..

Linett, Mark

2nd engineer at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA for Peter Criss' album.

Linn, Jason A.

Executive producer of the "You Wanted The Best" and "Greatest KISS" compilation albums...


Peter Criss' post-Chelsea band with former Chelsea members Michael Benvenga and Stan Penridge. Lips played gigs at the Hotel Diplomat, which would later become a KISS haunt in 1973, amoungst other places, and recorded demos at RCA Studios in the Spring of 1971, and at Bell Sound Studios, in New York City, in late 1971. The Lips material was rejected by both Karma Sutra records and Buddah Records (of which Neil Bogart was president).

Loeb, Steve

Plays piano on the 1970 Chelsea album...

Lomenzo, James

Former White Lion bassist who joined the Ace Frehley Band for a short time in the early 1990's...

Long Island Sounds

An early band of which Gene Simmons was a member.

Lott, Jim

Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes. Member of the "Group With No Name" with whom Gene had gone to school. Jimmy's band had helped Gene with demos and backing vocals.

Luthaker, Steve

Guitar solo provider for "That's The Kind of Sugar Papa Likes" and "Hooked on Rock 'N' Roll." A session player for his early career he had been a founding member of Toto who released their debut album in late-1978. Steve also performed Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You," and Bruce Kulick's "BK3"...


"Man of 1,000 Faces"

Not just a song-title, this would have been the album's title, according to Gene, prior to the unified commercial campaign plan being solidified.

Macmillan, H.A.

Responsible for the orchestration, with Bob Ezrin, that is used on the Destroyer album...

Magic People, The

Another early band of which Ace was a member, briefly...

Makepeace, Chris

A Canadian actor, Makepeace was contracted to play the spoken word role of "The Boy." While dialog was recorded, Makepeace's contributions have never seen the light of day. Makepeace starred in films such as "Meatballs" (1979), "My Bodyguard" (1980) and "They Mysterious Stranger" 1982). An interesting coincidence, Makepeace and fellow "Elder" spoken-word contributor Robert Christie star in the 1981 film "The Last Chase," which also stars Lee Majors and Burgess Meredith. According to IMDB, the most recent film Makepace appeared in was 2001's "Full Disclosure."

Manhattan High School of Music and Art

Paul's high school.

Manor, The

Recording location of Gene Simmons' solo album in Shipton-on-Cherwell, Oxfordshire, England. The studio was owned by Virgin Records' Richard Branson. Other notable albums recorded there include "Tubular Bells," Black Sabbath's "Born Again," and backing tracks for Queen's "A Day at the Races."

Mansion, The

Filston House (The Estate aka The Colgate Mansion), located on 106 acres of land in Sharon, CT, was a rented house used for the recording of the basic tracks on Ace Frehley's solo album. Built for Romulus Riggs Colgate between 1901 and 1906 the house was desiged by award-winning architect J. William Cromwell, Jr. Soon after the recording of Ace's album the house was bought by singer, songwriter and producer Paul Leka (died October 2011) who had co-written Steams' 1969 #1 hit, "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye." Paul gave guitarist Vinnie Vincent several of his early session opportunities at Connecticut Recording Studios in Bridgeport during the early 1970s. It is currently for sale for an asking price of $9 million.

Mansky, Dr.

Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Marchello, Mickey

Guitarist and vocalist in the Good Rats, the band Bruce Kulick recorded with in 1981...

Marchello, Peppi

Lead vocalist in the Good Rats, the band Bruce Kulick recorded with in 1981...

Marino, George

Legendary mastering engineer responsible for mastering both Gene Simmons' and Ace Frehley's solo albums. George joined Sterling Sound in the summer of 1973. Here he worked on many of the industry's most influential albums. These include recent Billboard chart toppers like Coldplay's "Parachutes", Bon Jovi's "Lost Highway", and The Offspring's "Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace." George also worked on Three Doors Down's eponymous release and Arctic Monkey's "Favourite Worst Nightmare." He worked on Billboard classics including Journey's "Frontiers", Cyndi Lauper's "She's So Unusual", eponymous releases by both Kiss and The Cars, Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood" and Guns N' Roses "Appetite for Destruction". George started as a musician playing rock n' roll guitar in New York City bands. His first job in the industry was as a librarian and assistant at Capitol Studios in 1967. He then apprenticed in the mastering department, helping cut rock, pop, jazz and classical albums. When Capitol shut down its New York studio, and before heading to Sterling Sound, George joined the fledgling Record Plant, eventually becoming a partner in the recording- mastering studio. There he quickly established his reputation with projects such as Don McLean's "American Pie" and classic albums by the Allman Brothers Band and Stevie Wonder. As is clear in his discography, George has always been sought out for his versatility and dead-on instincts on how music should sound. He won a Grammy in 2011 for Album of the Year for Arcade Fire's "Suburbs." Marino died in 2012 following a bout with lung cancer.

Marks, Howard

Head of KISS' advertising agency. Howard had become one of KISS's business managers (Glickman/Marks) in 1976, a role he'd fill until 1988. Paul, at one point, described him as an "administrator." He and Sean Delany had been partners in a company, "Music Dept," prior to KISS, and he also served as an Executive Producer on Bill Aucoin's "Flipside" 13-episode TV series as part of Marks-Aucoin Productions in early 1973. In August 1973 Howard left his post as promotion manager at April to join Chevron Music (York Records). Howard came up with the line, "Living in Sin at the Holiday Inn" and was given a co-writing credit (and thanks) on Gene's album. He was also thanked on the liner notes of Peter's album. He appears in the "I Love It Loud" and is the "pie guy" in introduction of "KISS Exposed."

Marshall, Paul

Thanked on Gene's liner notes, KISS' lawyer who was responsible for the renegotiation of Bill Aucoin's percentage from 25 to 20%.

Mathias, Jon

Engineer at New York's Record Plant Studios during the recording of the Dynasty album...

Martin, Nickey

Thanked by Gene on his album notes. Nickey had been guitarist in the band Street Punk who played gigs with KISS in the clubs in 1973. Nickey wrote most of the band's songs with lead vocalist Jon Montgomery. Gene had (unsuccessfully) tried to get the band signed through Aucoin.

Mason, Dave

Member of the rock band Traffic who had performed with the likes of Joe Walsh, Stephen Stills, and Paul McCartney. Gene thanked him on his album's liner notes.

Mastering Lab

Mastering company in Hollywood, CA responsible for Peter Criss' solo album.


Union's record label for their first release in 1998. This label later went bankrupt.

Mazer, Larry

KISS "manager" during the "Hot In The Shade" era.

MCA Records Inc.

Parent company of Decca Records who released the 1970 Chelsea album. Additionally, MCA included one song from that album on a sampler featuring artists distributed by them, the MCA Sound Conspiracy...

MCA Sound Conspiracy

The name of the 1971 sampler record which included one song, "Hard Rock Music", from the 1970 Chelsea album.

McAdams, Bobby

A close (former) friend of Ace Frehley's since 1963, McAdams was the Spaceman's guitar/amp technician. He contributed the "power mouth" vocals to Frehley's hit "New York Groove" (listen closely at 0:53, for example). McAdams remained friends with Frehley through KISS and into adulthood where each served as Best Man at each other's weddings. Along with Gordon G.G. Gebert, McAdams authored "KISS & Tell," their personal account of what it's "like to be best friends with a rock and roll legend." Gene also thanked Bobby on his album liner notes.

McCartney, Paul & Linda

Former Beatles and Wings members who Gene had hoped to have on his solo album. Regardless, it was the Beatles on Ed Sullivan who had been a great influence to Gene in the early 1960's. He thanked them on his liner notes, regardless of their non-involvement.

McCarty, Michael

A graduate of Fanshawe College, McCarty began his career as an engineer/producer under the wing of Jack Richardson. He was the engineer/associate producer on the Kings' 1981 album, "Amazon Beach," a project that was produced by Ezrin during the same time he was overseeing "The Elder." McCarty participated as an engineer for "The Elder"'s sessions at Phase One Studios in Toronto, though he is not credited on the album. He is a founding director of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. McCarty currently serves as president of ole, one of the world's largest independent music publishers.

McLaughlin, Mike

Final guitarist in Criss, and then a member of Scoff...

McAdams, Bob (Bobby)

A childhood friend of Ace's who appears on "New York Groove" on Ace's 1978 solo album. In 1998 he cowrote "KISS & Tell", an expose on Ace's lifestyle, with Gordon Gebert.

McCord, Kat

Vocalist on the 1980 Crazy Joe album on which Ace Frehley appeared...

Media Sound Studios

The recording studio where the drum tracks for "Keep Me Comin'" were recorded in 1982...

Medlin, Victoria

Paul Stanley dedicates his solo album to this person.


The title of a Tod Howarth song which appeared on his 707 album in 1982. It was later rewritten as "Calling To You" on Ace Frehley's "Second Sighting" album in 1988.

Megaforce Worldwide Records

Ace Frehley/Frehley's Comet record label 1987- 1989 which still reissues his albums.

Menefee, Pete

Pete quite literally took the band's look totally Hollywood during his two year tenure as costume designer. Pete would be responsible for the design of the "Dynasty" and "Unmasked" costumes.

Mensinger, Eric

Eric Singer's real name. Refer to the entry for Eric Singer.

Merenstein, Lewis

Co-producer of the Lightning album in 1979. Lewis also produced Peter Criss' Chelsea album in 1970. Talk about the wild connection between two KISS drummers!

Merritt, Howard

Co-producer of Eric Carr's "Lightning" album in 1979.

Messano, Bob

Guitarist and background vocalist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Meyrowitz, Wally

Thanked on Gene's liner notes. Wally was KISS' ATI (American Talent International) booking agent who had become a VP at the company in 1974 in charge of the East Coast concert department. He left ATI for ICM in 1981.


Argentine distribution label for Casablanca in the 1970's.


(See correct name, MOLIMO) A band Ace was in prior to auditioning for Wicked Lester/KISS. The band was given a record deal to record an album for RCA Records in 1972, though after completing about half of the album in the studio the project fell apart.

Miller, Alan

Thanked on Peter and Gene's liner notes. "Little Bill" was Bill Aucoin's Vice-President for promotions who was part of the team that created the "Kiss Army" in 1975. Alan's involvement with KISS pre-dated Peter Criss', with him having introduced Gene and Paul to Wicked Lester and early KISS manager Lew Linet in 1971.

Miller, Billy

Thanked on Gene's liner notes, Billy took over from Frank Scinlara as the band's tour manager during the "Rock And Roll Over" tour.

Miller, Kirk

Guitarist in Criss featured on the recording of the EP. He left during the recording of the Cat album.

Minakami, Haruko

Thanked on Gene's liner notes. Editor and music critic for the Japanese magazine Rokh Show for Shinko Music Publishing Co. She had also been involved in the KISS "Music Life" specials published in 1977 & 1978.

Minsky, Barry and Susan

Chelsea's managers...

Missing Links, The

An early band of which Gene Simmons was a member. c. 1967-8.

Mitchell, Adam

Co-wrote numerous songs with KISS members from 1982 onwards and played guitar on "Creatures Of The Night."


The correct name of Ace's pre-Kiss band that recorded half an album for RCA. A "Molimo" is apparently a "secret musical instrument used by the African pygmies for their initiation ceremonies." Members of the band were also later signed to Casablanca releasing a single in 1974...


Thanked by Gene on his album notes. Naturally, Gene's relationship with his mother has been extensively explored in his books and TV program, "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels."

Monier, Richard

Assistant tour manager during 1977 who travelled with the band to Japan in 1977. Thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Montegue, Mark

Basssist in Peter Criss' post-KISS band Criss from 1992 to 1995/6...

Monteleone, Ed

Guitarist on the 1980 Crazy Joe album on which Ace Frehley appeared...


See entry for Peter Oreckinto...

Morgan, Michael

Co-writer of "You Matter to Me" with John Vastano and Vini Poncia.

Mother Nature/Father Time

Eric's disco band, 1974-Oct. 1979 which also appeared live as Bionic Boogie. It recorded an album under the name Lightning in 1979 but split before the album was released. MN/FT evolved out of the disaster that had affected Creation. Eric didn't care for the name.

Moss, Ralph

Producer of Eric Carr's "Lightning" album in 1979.

Mr. Udo & Tats

Japanese concert promoter for KISS' 1977 and 1978 tours, thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Munao, Susan

Thanked by Gene on his album liner notes. Susan was Donna Summer's personal manager.

Munson, Art

For several decades, Art Munson has been involved in many facets of the music business as a guitarist, recording engineer, songwriter and record producer. He has worked with artists as varied as John Lennon, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Billy Joel, the Righteous Brothers, Paul Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Vonda Shepard, Brenda Russell, David Sanborn, Bill Medley, and many more. Munson has also been involved in scoring for numerous TV shows, jingles and films. His numerous TV credits include the "Today" show, "Oprah," and "ABC World News," among other shows. On "Peter Criss," Munson participated in the sessions in Los Angeles helmed by Vini Poncia. He played guitar on the tracks "I'm Gonna Love You," "You Matter To Me," "Tossin' And Turnin'," "Don't You Let Me Down," "That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes," and "Hooked On Rock 'N' Roll."

Music From "The Elder"

KISS' ficticious soundtrack concept album, based on a loose Gene Simmons idea, which alienated more fans than it gained... Paul's hand is used on the cover photograph...

Myers, Michele

Thanked by Gene on his album notes.



Album code prefix for Casablanca during the Warner Bros. distribution period of 1974. When Casablanca went independent the code was transferred for use on singles. Like all Casablanca release codes the "NB" stands for "Neil bogart"...


The original call letters for the release of "KISS" which did not include "Kissin' Time". This was the only KISS album released with that code prefix, though some copies of the album can be found that include the song and/or list it on the cover and/or have it listed on a cover sticker. The white label promo copy of this album is one of the most collectible records in the KISS catalog.


Audio Cassette prefix for Casablanca Records releases.


8-Track Cassette tapes prefix for Casablanca Records releases.


12" singles prefix for Casablanca Records.


Album code prefix for vinyl LPs for Casablanca following the demise of Warner Bros. distribution until the demise of Casablanca Records in the 1980's.

NBMF (Neil Bogart Memorial Fund)

Founded in 1983, and a division of the TJ Martell Foundation, the fund is located at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, and honors Casablanca founder Neild Bogart with medical research.


Peter's nickname for his grandmother, thanked on the liner notes of his album.

Naro, Phil

Former Talas vocalist who cowrote several songs with Mark St. John and Peter Criss during their short lived project. A couple of these showed up on Criss releases and Phil has worked with Mark on three songs on his solo album...


Singles code prefix during the Warner Bros. distribution period.

Neaves, Lee

Fan who appeared on the rear cover of "Alive!" holding the Kiss banner.

Nelson, Eric

Bassist on Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album...

Nevison, Ron

Producer of KISS' "Crazy Nights" album. While some have complained about the sound of the album, Nevison has produced some very successful albums in the mid-1980's for other artists, notably Heart.

New York City

Gene's adopted, and the band's, home town thanked in his album liner notes.

Newton High School, Queens, NY

Where Gene attended High School in the early 1960's.

Nicks, Stevie

Member of Fleetwood Mac, and highly successful solo artist, thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Nielson, Rick

Rick, guitarist in Cheap Trick, plays the guitar solo on "See You in Your Dreams." KISS had toured with Cheap Trick in 1977.


Japanese distribution label for one KISS release, Chikara in 1988.

Normand, Mark

Bassist for the Ace Frehley Band for a short while in the early 1990's. Mark was also given some vocal duties...

Norton, Mark

Mark St. John's real name. Refer to the entry for Mark St. John.

Norton, Michael

Mark St. John's brother and bassist in White Tiger and with Mark and Peter Criss' Tree project...

Nugent, Ted

The "Motor City Madman," a regular opening on KISS tours thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Nyro, Laura

Artist for whom Lyn Chrisopher was a backing singer (see entry for Lyn Cristopher). Vinnie Vincent plays guitar on Laura Nyro's 1978 album, Nested.


O'Brien, Opie

One of three keyboardists who appear on Eric Carr's 1979 "Lightning" album.

Oas, Holly

Background vocals on two songs on Eric Carr's 1979 "Lightning" album.


A wrap-around paper band usually featuring album information and advertizing used on Japanese vinyl releases... Only on gatefolds do these really serve any purpose, especially if you can't read Japanese, but they are "cool" additions to the all-around presentation of an album package.

Offord, Eddie

Producer of both of Bruce Kulick's Blackjack albums. Bruce went on to work with other bands which were using Eddie as producer, including Rozzetta and Billy Squire.

Oldaker, Jamie

Drummer in Frehley's Comet from November 1987 until February 1989...

One Dollar Magazine

Baltimore horror fanzine Gene thanked in his album notes.

One-On-One Recording Studios

One of the recording locations used for the Crazy Nights album in 1987... Located in North Hollywood, CA...

Oreckinto, Peter

A.k.a. "Moose," one of the very early KISS roadies thanked on Gene's solo album notes. Peter was responsible for many of KISS' early pyro-techniques, almost losing a hand with Peter Criss' rocket-firing drum sticks.

Osmand, Donnie & Marie

Entertainment partners in the 1970s, and prospective guests, who were thanked on Gene's solo album notes. In "Behind the Mask" Gene recounts how he wanted Marie to duet on "Living in Sin."

Ostrander, Brooke

Thanked on Gene's liner notes, keyboardist and flute player in Wicked Lester. Brooke had recording equipment at his house where Gene would go to work on demos before Wicked Lester was even an idea. Brooke died on September 3, 2011.


Parr, Antony

Another Canadian actor, Parr was contracted to contribute spoken word dialog to "The Elder." While his specific role is unknown, it is believed he may have read the role of the Council of the Elder member that can be heard during the album's concluding sequence. Parr's TV credits include work on "The Littlest Hobo," "Murder By Phone" and "Seeing Things." He also appeared in films such as "Alien Thunder" (1974), "Agency" (1980), "Mark Of Cain" (1986), "Mindfield" (1989), and "M. Butterfly" (1993).

Pearl Drums

Endorsed by Gene Simmons on his solo album.

Pecorino, Joe

Member of Beatlemania (as John Lennon) who provided background-vocals for "Mr. Make Believe," "See You Tonite," and "Always Near You/Nowhere To Hide."

Penridge, Stan

Replaced Chris Aridas as guitarist in Chelsea in 1971 and later went on to be part of Lips with Peter Criss. Stan had a long association both with Peter and KISS, cowriting "Beth" (originally in 1971) with Peter. Stan's unused songs for those bands were revisited for Peter solo album. Stan also played guitar on seven of the songs and sang backing-vocals on "Hooked on Rock 'N' Roll." Following his departure from KISS Peter worked with Stan on his "Out of Control" album (1980) and made his first post-KISS live performance debut with Stan in April 1983. The two also toured, briefly, the following year as part of the short-lived Alliance project. Born January 9, 1951, Stan died on May 11, 2001.

Perry, Joe

Lead guitarist from Aerosmith who played guitar on "Radioactive" (chorus) and "Living in Sin" at Cherokee Studios. KISS had opened for Aerosmith a couple of times in 1976 and Gene had written the unreleased "Mongoloid Man" with Joe in 1976 in addition to socializing with him.

Philips, Binky

A New York musician thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes. Binky knew Paul Stanley from school (The High School of Music and Art), prior to Wicked Lester, and met Gene while that band was attempting to record their album for Epic. He and Gene became friends and Gene would use his services to record demos (you can hear Binky playing on the 1975/6 demo of "Rotten to the Core"). Binky regularly attended rehearsals of Gene, Peter, and Paul as they tried to develop their act. In 1976, Ace was asked to record a "Binky" solo when tracking "Calling Dr. Love." Binky's band, The Planets, played with KISS in the clubs in 1973.

Phillips, Michelle

Former singer in the Mamas and Papas thanked on Gene's liner notes.


The German (and Europe & Asia in General) distribution label for Casablanca and Mercury in the 1980's.

Pinkston, Valerie

A member of "The Sisters Of No Mercy", background vocalists on one song on Hot In The Shade...

Plaza Sound Studios

Studio located atop Radio City Music Hall in New York City used for the recording of Ace Frehley's solo album, particularly over-dubs and remixing. See more under Freeman, Rob.

Plimpton, George

Broadcast journalist/critic, who in the early 1970s was involved at CBC/ITV in Edmonton, Canada. Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Plotkin, Jerry

One of three keyboardists who appear on Eric Carr's 1979 "Lightning" album.


KISS' record label (parent) since 1983, though PolyGram had distributed KISS albums since 1981 after the European parent company bought into Casablanca in 1980. PolyGram was bought by Seagram in 1998 to become part of the Universal Music group.


Japanese distribution label for Casablanca since 1980.

Poncia, Vini

Producer of Peter Criss' solo album, Vini was third choice after Tom Dowd declined and Sean Delaney had already committed to Gene Simmons (Sean has also mentioned that Glyn Johns was approached). Bill Aucoin suggested Vini, due to his work with Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr. Vini had also produced one of the earliest Casablanca releases, Fanny, in 1974. Vini would produce the two KISS studio albums that followed the solo albums and "Let Me Rock You: for Peter Criss in 1982. He also cowrote on KISS' 1989 album, "Hot In The Shade."

Popcorn Pub

The club, which was renamed The Coventry, where KISS played there first ever gig on January 30, 1973. It was located at 47-03 Queens Boulevard, Queens, New York.

Post War Baby Boom

One of Paul Stanley's pre-KISS bands. c. 1967. This band recorded a demo, "Never Living, Never Loving" for a project for Columbia Records which never happened.

Postlewaite, Fritz

Thanked on Peter and Gene's liner notes. Driver of the Porsche 928 that was wrecked, in Marina del Rey, following a party at L'Ermitage celebrating the wrapping of filming "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" (5/27/78). Both were seriously injured. Fritz started out as a roadie with the band eventually becoming their tour manager.

Powers, Tony

A New York native, Powers is an alumnus of the famed Brill Building songwriting scene of the 1960s. During that time, Powers collaborated with Phil Spector and Ellie Greenwich, among others, co-writing several songs, including the Sapphires' "Gotta Have Your Love," the Crystals' "Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry" and Darlene Love's "Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts?" Powers made Paul Stanley's acquaintance at Cafe Central, a then-popular NYC celebrity hangout, and subsequently come onboard as a collaborator for "The Elder." Powers would contribute his self-penned "Odyssey" and lyrics/musical ideas for "The Oath," a song co-written with Stanley and Bob Ezrin. Powers also played piano on "Odyssey," a track featuring the American Symphony Orchestra. In 1984 Powers released a video EP, "Don't Nobody Move (This Is A Heist)." The EP contained a re-recorded version of "Odyssey," sung by Powers, and a video featuring Powers and actress Lois Chiles. Powers is also an actor, appearing in films such as "Goodfellas" (1990) and TV shows such as "NYPD Blue." Powers released his latest album, "Who Could Imagine," in 2007.

Presti, John "Cooker" Lo

Bassist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Price, Vincent

Vincent is thanked on Peter's liner notes. Peter had rented Vincent's 37-room estate in Holmby Hills (between Bel Air and Beverly Hills) during the recording of his album in the Los Angeles area. He hosted extravagant parties there and apparently wrote a love song which he was saving for future use...

Public School #75, Manhattan

The school where Gene taught 6th grade in 1972 in Spanish Harlem.


Gene's custom bass...


The UK distribution label for Casablanca, 1976-79.


Q, Johnny

Thanked on Peter Criss' solo album liner notes.

Quality Records

Canadian distributor for Casablanca, 1974-77.

Quaye, Caleb

Guitarist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Queen Elizabeth

Band fronted by Jayne Country who Kiss opened for during 1973.


Rael, Matt

Guitarist in Paul Stanley's pre-KISS band Uncle Joe in 1969/70.


The precursor to Wicked Lester featuring Stephen Coronel, Paul Stanley, and Gene Simmons. c. 1970. This band did not last long, though it was offered a deal by Buddah Records. Rainbow was transformed into Wicked Lester.

Randall, Elliot

Session guitarist on "I Can't Stop The Rain" and "Easy Thing" from Peter Criss' album. Also played guitar on select tracks on Gene Simmons' album (might be the "Randy" on the thanks list). Elliot had recorded with Steely Dan, Felix Cavaliere, Vicki Sue Robinson, and numerous others.


Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Ranno, Richie

Guest guitarist on "Tunnel of Love," Richie was a friend of Sean's and a member of the band Starz who were also managed by Bill Aucoin. Richie recorded his solo at Blue Rock Studios.

Ransom, Ron & Marino, Lou

Artists responsible for the cover illustration on "You Wanted The Best"...

Ray, Carolyn

Backing vocalist on Gene Simmons' album.

RCA Recording Studios, NY

Location of recording of Peter's 1980 solo album, "Out Of Control"...

Record One

The recording studios in Los Angeles where the drum tracks for Creatures Of The Night, except "Keep Me Comin'" were recorded in 1982...

Record Plant Studios, The

The Los Angeles recording studios where the Killers tracks were recorded early during the Creatures Of The Night sessions in 1982...

Record Plant Recording Studios, NY

Location of recording of the Destroyer and Rock And Roll Over albums in 1976, Love Gun album in 1977, parts of Dynasty in 1979, Unmasked in 1980, Music From "The Elder" in 1981,

Reddy, Helen

Feminist singer of "I Am Woman" fame who played ping-pong in the studio with Gene during her session work during which she sang on "True Confessions." Not to pigeon-hole Helen, she had starred in Disney's "Pete's Dragon" movie and appeared as part of the all-star chorale in the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" film.

Redoute, Bruce

One of the fans holding the Kiss banner on the rear cover of the "Alive!" album.

Reed, Lou

Reed is best known as a solo artist and a member/principal songwriter of American rock band the Velvet Underground, who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. Reed was brought in as a collaborator on "The Elder" through his association with Ezrin, who had produced Reed's 1973 classic album "Berlin." Reed specifically contributed lyrics to the songs "Dark Light," "Mr. Blackwell" and "A World Without Heroes." Lore has it that the latter song was based on a title scribbled down by Reed. Reed also wrote the unused lyrical idea "Morpheus Descending." In 2011 Reed collaborated with Metallica on "Lulu," a concept project based on two plays written by German playwright Frank Wedekind.

Reese, Mike

Mastered Peter Criss' album at The Mastering Lab in Hollywood, CA.

Regan, Pat, Saxes

Provider of the horns on "Cadillac Dreams"...

Regan, John

Bassist in the Crazy Joe and The Variable Speed Band, and later the bassist, and sometimes leader of Frehley's Comet. In recent times John has been involved in 2 Ace Frehley compilations for Megaforce Records, 12 Picks and Loaded Deck.

Reingold, Bucky

Thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes, Bucky had been one of the original partners in the formation of Casablanca Records in 1973 along with Neil Bogart, Larry Harris, and Cecil Holmes. Like Neil he came from Buddah Records and attended the band's showcase at La Tang Studios prior to their signing with the label.

Remarkable Productions

Eddie Kramer's production company.

Renda, Crazy Joe

A musician Ace played synth drums for in 1980. The track, "Eugene" is included on a Crazy Joe album of the same name. Ace is not also involved with a second track, "The Gay Ranchero", which was recorded around the same time.

Rene, Malou

Co-writer (with Richie Adams) of "Tossin And Turnin'" on "Peter Criss." Malou wrote for numerous artists including Bobby Rydell, Bill Haley, The Supremes, and The Guess Who.


Thanked on Gene's solo album notes. Bob Reno?

Richardson, Mike

Arranger of the strings used on the Lightning disco album in 1979...

Richmond College

The college, in Staten Island, NY, where Gene Simmons transferred to in 1970 to continue his studies in Education.

Right Track Studios, NY

Location of recording of the Lick It Up, and Animalize albums, and the new studio tracks from Smashes, Thrashes & Hits.

Rising Sun

An early band of which Gene Simmons was a member.

Robb Bros.

Thanked by Gene on his album notes. The Robb brothers included Dee (chief engineer), Joe, and Bruce (engineers). They owned Cherokee Studios where Gene recorded part of his solo album.

Roberge, Jim

Keyboardist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Robinson, Richard

Music journalist for the "Pop Wire Service" thanked on Gene's solo album liner notes. Richard later wrote for music magazines such as Rock Scene and Hit Parader (editor). Richard wrote the text used in the booklet insert for "The Originals."

Rock, Bobby

The ultimate drummer and member of Vinnie Vincent's Invasion through both lineups. Bobby left during the implosion of the band and later worked with artists like Nelson...


Eric Carr's cartoon idea. Demos were recorded for it by Eric and Bruce Kulick in 1988. A four song EP was released featuring this material in 1999, a taste of a full CD release to come.

Rock Steady Management

Management company of KISS, the partnership of Joyce Biawitz and Bill Aucoin formed in 1973.

Rock Steady Music

Publishing company set up to handle KISS songs...

Rock Steady Productions

Production company owned by Bill Aucoin and Joyce Biawitz.

Rogin, Ellen

Artist who did the color tinting of the Ron Tunison photograph on the 1970 Chelsea album...

Rolling Stone Magazine

Peter placed an add in Rolling Stone in 1972, stating: "Drummer with 11 years experience willing to do anything to make it". This is the add that Gene and Paul responded to leading to Peter joining Wicked Lester. Allegedly, the add appears in the April 13th edition (#106), however, it was NOT in the East coast issue.

Ross, Alvin

Head of ASR Enterprises, a publicity and management company, who became president of the Press Office, Ltd. on its formation in early 1977. He became a vice-president at Aucoin Management, Inc. in early 1978. He became President of Virgin Music Merchandising in 1985. Thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Ross, Jeff

Guitarist who appears on Eric Carr's 1979 "Lightning" album.

Ross-Durborow, Carol

Take a look through the top music, entertainment and news journals and, in large part, the images and the stars (and even more important - the persons behind the images) will have fallen under the aegis and direction of Carol Ross-Durborow, one of the industry's premier, reputable image-builders. She's done it all: from introducing the group KISS to the world to representing Elton John, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Cher, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Hall & Oates, Burt Bacharach to Blondie, to Van Halen and the list goes on. During her tenure at MCA Records, Ross-Durborow was responsible for such legendary performers as Elton John, Olivia Newton-John, the Who, and other artists on the roster. At Rogers & Cowan, the esteemed international public relations firm, she began as director of their music division representing the biggest names in the business, Paul & Linda McCartney, Dolly Parton, the Beach Boys, and a host of others. This eventually paved the way for her to go on to open her own agency, the Press Office, a subsidiary of Aucoin Management. The same philosophy that had served her so well in the arts was equally successful in the corporate arena. Her client list had grown to include not only the super-stars of music and entertainment, but corporate power-houses as well. England's entrepreneurial man Richard Branson chose Ross-Durborow and her company to launch his new airline, Virgin Atlantic Airways, in the United States and to handle the Virgin Group of Companies. More recently, her former client, the legendary Tommy James, enticed her out of retirement to become his manager and direct all publicity and media for his burgeoning multimedia company, Aura Entertainment Group. Back in her element, she quickly stepped in to encourage James to finish writing his autobiography and with a publishing deal with Scribner/Simon & Schuster in place, the next step was to bring his compelling story to the silver screen, which is now in development. Ross-Durborow will be an associate producer on this project. Carol was thanked on Gene Simmons' liner notes.

Rothberg, Gerry

Publisher of Circus Magazine thanked by Gene on his album notes.


The name of Desmond Child's backing vocalists: Maria Vidal, Diana Grasselli, and Miriam Valle. These singers also provided backing vocals on "Move On" on Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album...


The artist credit of an album, "Where's My Hero", by a female recording artist for whom Bruce Kulick played guitar in 1980 (See also Stone, Rosetta). The album was produced by Blackjack alumni Eddy Offord...

Rumbo Recorders

One of the recording locations used for the Crazy Nights album in 1987... Located in Canoga Park, CA...

Russell, Larry

Friend of Ace's, from his youth, who suggested Anton Fig when asked about prospective drummer candidates for his solo album.


Sabino, Rob

Organist, Pianist, and Synthesizer player on the 1980 Crazy Joe album on which Ace Frehley appeared... Later Rob would do a stint as a member of Frehley's Comet during 1985...

Sagal, Katey

Background vocalist on Gene Simmons' album and a member of the "Group With No Name" who were signed to Casablanca. She went on to star on TV as Al Bundy's wife on "Married With Children."

Saisse, Philippe

Pianist, keyboardist, and coproducer of the KISS-related album "Where's My Hero", by Rozetta, released in 1980 with Bruce Kulick on lead guitar...

Salt 'N Pepper

Band of which Eric Carr was a member, 1970-73, with the name reflecting the ethnicity of the members! The band changed its' name to Creation.

Sancious, David

Guitarist on four tracks on the KISS-related album "Where's My Hero", by Rozetta, released in 1980 with Bruce Kulick on lead guitar...

Saviano, Tom

Tom arranged the horns on "I'm Gonna Love You," "Tossin' and Turnin'," and "Rock Me, Baby." He was brought into the sessions through Vini and later recorded an album that included Vinnie Vincent as a session player!

Scarangella, Jack

Drummer in Vinnie Vincent's pre-KISS band Treasure. Jack had worked on Felix Cavaliere's Rascals albums from 1972 and on Felix's 1975 solo album...

Scarlett, Richie

Guitarist and vocalist in the early incarnations of Frehley's Comet and later Ace Frehley Band. Richie is a "Keith Richards" looking guitarist with a killer skill who is a solo performer in his own right...

Scavullo, Francesco

Photographer responsible for the Dynasty cover and poster. The cover was created out of numerous individual photographys to find the perfect blend.

Schaffer, Ken

Inventor of the wireless microphone and guitar system adopted by Kiss following the electrocution of Ace Frehley in 1976. Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Schaper, Bob

Engineer on Peter Criss' 1978 solo album... Bob was also the Engineer Associate Producer on Peter's 1982 album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Scheniman, William

A musician/studio engineer, Bill "Bear" Scheniman is credited with playing the "bell" on the epic "Ace Frehley" instrumental closing track, "Fractured Mirror." He was also Eddie Kramer's technical assistant and remote recording coordinator for Ace Frehley's solo album. His engineering credits include work with Bon Jovi ("7800 Degrees Fahrenheit"), Mick Jagger ("She's The Boss"), Bruce Springsteen, "Born In The U.S.A."), Chic ("Real People"), Luther Vandross ("Love, Luther"), and Diana Ross ("Diana"), among others. Scheniman also has done some TV work as a music producer and engineer, including "The George Carlin Show" and "Frontline."

Schorr, Todd

Artist who created the illustration used as the cover of Peter's 1980 solo album, "Out Of Control". On Peter's concept he incorporated Peter's wife Debra as one of the characters...

Schwartzberg, Allan

A studio drummer extraordinaire, Schwartzberg has played on albums for artists such as John Lennon, Roger Daltrey, Rod Stewart, Nils Lofgren, and Astrud Gilberto, among others. He played drums on Gene Simmons' 1978 solo album. (Schwartzberg also played on Janis Ian's 1979 album, "Night Rains." Ian is also a contributor to Simmons 1978 solo album.) Schwartzberg was a "go-to guy" for Bob Ezrin, having drummed on Ezrin-produced albums for Peter Gabriel and Alice Cooper. Schwartzberg was brought in for "The Elder" sessions specifically to play on "I" because "Eric [Carr] was not playing with the feel that Bob felt it needed," according to Paul Stanley. Schwartzberg also plays drums on "Odyssey." He would contribute select drum parts to KISS' 1984 album "Animalize." Session drummer on three tracks ("I Can't Stop The Rain," "Rock Me, Baby" and "Easy Thing") on Peter's and all of Gene's solo albums.

Scinlara, Frankie

Thanked on Gene's liner notes, KISS' tour manager 1976/77.

Scott, Neil

An alias used by Neil Bogart when he released bubble-gum pop singles in the 1960's. He had recorded 3 singles by 1967.

Seeff, Norman

Photographer, some of whose pictures were used on the back cover of the Hotter Than Hell album. In an notorious photo session Paul was apparently so intoxicated that he had to be locked in a car for his own safety.

Segal, Jon

Also known as J.J. French of Twisted Sister fame. Jon Segal was allegedly an early guitarist for Wicked Lester after Stephen Coronel was dropped from Rainbow, yet he would have been around 14! What is actually known is that he was one of several guitarists Gene, Peter, and Paul jammed with duing 1972. He was never a member of their band. According to JJ, "I was one of many guitar players who auditioned for KISS, and I spent a couple of weeks practicing with those guys. They didn't have a name yet -- they were not KISS, they weren't WICKED LESTER -- and I was one of many... I auditioned for the band in June of 1972, and in September of 1972, they picked up Ace [Frehley] out of maybe 25 or 30 people, and when they picked Ace, I called them around that time just to say, 'Hey, how are you doing? What is going on?' They told me they hired Ace, and I went down to rehearsal and watched them when they first rehearsed with Ace, and he was perfect for this band" (Tangra Mega Rock).

Seger, Bob

Backing vocalist on "Radioactive" and "Living in Sin." Bob was a friend of Sean Delaney's whose Silver Bullet Band had toured with KISS in 1976.

Shannon, Scott

Casablanca director of promotions thanked by Gene on his album credits. Scott played a key role in turning around the failure of the "Detroit Rock City" single and breaking "Beth" on radio. It had also been his idea, as a DJ at WMAK in Nashville in 1974, for KISS' "Kissin' Time" promotion. He left Casablanca at the end of 1977.

Shea, Gary

Bassist in the Paul Stanley produced New England and in Vinnie's pre-KISS band Warrior. Gray went on to be Alcatraz's bassist with former bandmate Jimmy Waldo...

Shepley, Pete

Vocalist in Peter Criss' pre-KISS band, Chelsea. The was the "acoustic" Pete!

Sherman, Dale

Author of two books about KISS, Black Diamond and Black Diamond 2, and numerous articles about the band which appear in fanzines and at online websites. Dale helped co-create the KISS Fanzine Strangeways in the early 1980's.

Sharp, Ken

Interviewer of KISS who has shown time and time again that he knows what questions to ask! Several of his extensive interviews have appeared in the Goldmine magazine...

Sherbourne Drive

Original location of the Casablanca offices in Los Angeles in 1974...

Sherinian, Derek

KISS' keyboardist on the Revenge Tour. Derek can be heard on the Alive III album. Like Eric Singer, Derek had worked with Alice Cooper...


Film by Wes Craven. Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick were both involved in the soundtrack for this project.

Shore, Dinah

Thanked on Gene's liner notes. Gene had apparently wanted her as a guest on his album. Dinah had a successful recording career in the 1940s and 50s, before moving into television in the 1960s. Her "Dinah Shore Show" competed with the likes of Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin. While her show featured musical performances, KISS never appeared as guests. She'd also dated Gene Krupa.

Siano, Tom

Guitarist and vocalist on Eric Carr's "Lightning" album in 1979. He wrote/cowrote 4 of the 5 tracks appearing on the album.

Silfen, Stu

One of KISS' lawyers, specializing in record deal negotiations, thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Simmons, Gene

The demon. Rockstar, actor, producer, mogul... Gene's diverse background and interest in horror films brought much of the image to KISS. A fan of the Beatles, Gene can write incredible material when he wants to, but has a penchant for big dumb rock! An absentee landlord for much of the 1980's while distracted by acting and producing other artists, Gene even formed his own record label which was rather short lived. Gene will never pass up an idea regardless of how ridiculous it may seem, and has long been the king of the merchandising world...

Singer, Eric

KISS' third drummer who was brought in to drum on "God Gave Rock And Roll To You II" in 1991 when Eric Carr was unable to perform. Singer had started his career as drummer in the Lita Ford band, then had a short tenure with Black Sabbath, and as drummer on Paul Stanley's solo tour, before becoming a member of Badlands, who released an incredible debut. After splitting from Badlands Eric joined Alice Cooper's touring band before the call to KISS came. Eric quit KISS in August 1996 and since then has appeared on numerous releases along with releasing his own solo project ESP.

Singer, Stan

Drummer in Paul Stanley and Steven Coronel's pre-Wicked Lester band Tree in 1969.

Singles, The

The name of an Australian only compilation released in 1985. The album was released by Concept Records with material licensed by PolyGram...

SIR Studios, NY

Location of the first public Frehley's Comet gig in Nov. 1984. Rehearsal facilities used by Kiss and many other artists.

Sisters Of No Mercy, The

Background vocalists on "Silver Spoon" on Hot In The Shade... This group consisted of Charlotte Crossley, Valerie Pinkston, and Kim Edwards-Brown.


The band Criss without Peter after Peter returned to the KISS Army in 1995/6...

Skopp, Roberta

Casablanca's East Coast director of press and creative projects thanked by Gene on his album notes. She worked as an account executive for the Press Office, Ltd., prior to joining Casablanca in the summer of 1978, and had been director of publicity for Kirshner Entertainment.


One of Bob Kulick's bands. Bruce recorded and wrote on the Skull album "No Bones About It".

Slater, Michele

Production coordinator for Gene Simmons' solo album. Michele (spelt Slagter on the album credits) later served as a production assistant on "Chicago 13," Gilda Radner's "Live from New York," and Bill Joel's "Glass Houses."


Spin off band including Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum from the Vinnie Vincent Invasion who have had greater success that their former band leader...

Slaughter, Mark

Vocalist who replaced Robert Fleischman in Vinnie Vincent's Invasion. He and bassist Dana Strum split from the V-meister to form Slaughter in 1988...

Slavin, Sandy

Drummer in the Ace Frehley Band for a while in the early 1990's...

Sluts of Oxford

Thanked on Gene's liner notes. Apparently Gene's "needs" were taken care of while recording his solo album...

Smalling, J.R.

Early road manager thanked on Gene's solo album notes. J.R. was the stage announcer who introduced the band on stage and can be heard on the "Alive!" album.

Smyth, Betty

Owner of the Popcorn Pub/Coventry Club.

Solan, Eddie

Early KISS soundboard operator who is thanked by Ace on his album's liner notes for "inspiration." Eddie's studio, Backstreet Studios in the Bronx is also plugged one Ace's album, it being the location where Ace and Anton first jammed after meeting. Eddie had often driven Ace to rehearsals in 1973 and helped the band build a PA for their first shows. He was their very first roadie running the early soundboard. Gene also thanked Eddie on his liner notes.

SONY Sound Studios

Location, in New York, of the recording of MTV Unplugged...

Sound Labs, Inc.

Studio opened by engineer Armen Steiner on Argyle Avenue in Hollywood, CA, where additional recording for Peter's solo album was conducted. Artists such as Bread, Dolly Parton, and Waylon Jennings ("Are You Ready for the Country") had used the facility.


Studio in New York used for mixes for Ace Frehley demos/recordings in April 1978. The studio was a new facility on the second floor of the famed Brill Building at 1619 Broadway that had opened in 1977. Construction of the four studio facility had been supervised by John Storyk who was later recruited by Ace to design and build his home studio in Connecticut.

Sounds Interchange Ltd.

Studios in Toronto where parts of Music From "The Elder" were recorded in 1981...

Spector, Ronnie

Recording artist for whom Bruce provided guitar for one track for her 1987 album, Unfinished Business. This track is also included on a Best-Of Compilation.

Spindel, David

A renowned photographer, Brooklyn-born Spindel has captured images of icons such as John Lennon, Joe DiMaggio, George Burns, and Willie Mays, to name a few. His work has been showcased in various media, including newspapers, magazines, TV, and album art. For "The Elder," Spindel shot the entire contents of the album package, including the door and the gatefold table setting. Spindel now resides in Arizona, where he stays active with various design projects. Some of his images of Lennon can be seen in the 2010 book "Starting Over: The Making Of John Lennon And Yoko Ono's Double Fantasy," authored by Ken Sharp ("KISS: Behind The Mask"). TV personality Regis Philbin once quipped, "David Spindel is a little eccentric; however, you have to put up with him because he is a genius." Spindel is set to launch a revamped website in December.

Squier, Billy

Performer for whose 1980 album, Tale Of The Tape, Bruce Kulick played some guitar on some tracks. Others are Billy copying BK's solos.

St. Elmo's Fire

A band which Stan Penridge was in during 1972/3.

St. John, Mark

Short lived replacement guitarist for Vinnie Vincent with the shortest tenure in the band. While KISS wanted a replacement for Vinnie who was equally capable Mark turned out to be too technical with a style unsuited for the band. Health problems resulted with his replacement by Bruce Kulick and Mark only played 2 full shows with the band before Bruce's style and personality gave the band the excuse to give him the "push"... Since leaving KISS Mark has released one album, White Tiger, in 1986, and nothing since. In 1990 he teamed up with Peter Criss in a short-lived project, and is currently working on a solo album.

St. Robert's Choir

Little is known about St. Robert's Choir, but those familiar with "The Elder" recording sessions have described the choir as a loose collective of singers, as opposed to a formal choral association. More than likely, the choir can be heard on such songs as "fanfare," "Under The Rose" and "I."

Stabin, Victor

Artist responsible for the Unmasked album cover, with Mark Samuels and Jose Rivero...

Stanley, Paul

The Starchild.. The true musician and guiding force of the band for much of its career. Paul came from a well to do background, and has rarely deviated from the music. The leading figure in the band.

Starr, Ringo

Former Beatle drummer, whose albums of the 70s had often been produced by Vini Poncia. Ringo was invited to appear on Gene's solo album, but was the only Beatle to decline.

Stasiak, Corky

Stasiak was one of the house engineers at Record Plant New York. His credits include work with Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Jim Croce, Bruce Springsteen, and Three Dog Night. A KISS "veteran," Stasiak is credited as an engineer on recordings produced by Ezrin and Eddie Kramer, such as "Destroyer," "Rock And Roll Over," "Love Gun," and "Alive II." He also engineered Ace Frehley's solo debut, 1987's "Frehley's Comet."

Steed, Arthur

The first keyboard player in Frehley's Comet from 1984-5.

Sterling Sound Studios

Mastering studio in New York City used for Ace Frehley's album.

Stevens, Steve

Guitarist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Stewart, Neil

Alias used by Neil Bogart in the early 1960's.

Stone, Mike

Engineer at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, for recording of tracks for Peter Criss' album. Mike had also engineered KISS' re-recording of "Strutter" earlier in the year. Mike was the executive producer of Gene Simmons' solo album and mixed Paul's album with him at Trident Studios in London. Paul and Mike would produce New England's debut album in 1979.

Stone, Mike

Lead vocalist in Peter Criss' post-KISS band Criss from 1993 to their breakup in 1995/6... He and the rest of the band became Skoff after Peter's departure for the KISS Reunion...

Stone, Rosetta

The full name of the artist who released an album as "Rozetta" with Bruce Kulick on guitar. Bruce also co-wrote the lead track "Pick Me Up" with Rosetta...

Stowe, Ellen Louise "Star"

Playboy's playmate of the month, February 1977, who had done photo-shoots with the band in 1976. She dated Gene for a while and was thanked on his album notes.

Streer, Anne

Peter Criss album project manager and Vini Poncia assistant.

Street Gang Productions

Eric Carr's production company.

Strum, Dana

Original bassist in the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, and veritable musical guru who introduced Randy Rhoads to Ozzy Osbourne. Dana went AWOL from the Invasion, with Mark Slaughter, to form their own highly successful band, Slaughter, in 1988...

Stunts Unlimited

Stunt company used for the "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" movie and thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Summer, Donna

Casablanca's queen of disco and guest backing vocalist on "Burning up with Fever."

Sullivan County Community College

The college in Plattskill, NY, where Gene Simmons began his studies in Education, in hopes of becoming a teacher.

Sunset Sound Studios

Studio in Hollywood, CA, the primary location for the recording of Peter Criss' solo album. Opened by Salvador "Tutti" Camarata in 1958 as a personal use studio doing contract work for Disney, this studio had seen the likes of Buffalo Springfield, Doors, Mamas and the Papas, and Harry James recording as it expanded in the 1960s. It was also where industry legend Jim Messina started making a name for himself as staff engineer. By the time of recording Peter's album, Vini had worked at the studio with Lynda Carter and Melissa Manchester.

Sutton, Annie

Backing vocalist on "Rock Me, Baby" and "Easy Thing." Annie was a sought after session artist who had worked with Bette Midler and DC LaRue.

Sutton, Bernie

Thanked on Gene's liner notes.


T.N.T. (Tony Nicole Records)

Peter's record label for two releases, an EP and an album, in the 1990's.

Tallarico, Carl

Drummer on "Fractured Mirror." This is his only known session work. He is credited as the founder of Factory Sound.

Thiemeyer Fleur

An Australian, who had previously worked for Rod Stewart and Motley Crue, Fleur designed KISS' costumes at the beginning of the unmasked era through 1986. She was based out of Los Angeles.

Tomlyn, Bo

Plays synthesizer on 4 of 5 tracks on Eric Carr's 1979 "Lightning" album.

Teeman, Neil

Drummer in Paul Stanley's pre-KISS band Uncle Joe in 1969/70.

The Girl with Purple & Green Hair from Edmonton

Gene's first groupie, on the Canadian tour of February 1974, as noted on his album liner notes.

The Kitchen Sink

The only thing not thanked or noted on Gene's solo album liner notes.

Theatre Techniques Inc.

The company that built the Love Gun/Alive II stage...

Tilman, Julia

Backing vocalist, with Maxine Willard (her sister) and Marian Dixon, on "Tossin' And Turnin'" and "I Can't Stop The Rain." She had done session work with Al Kooper, Masekela, and Donovan.


Another Gene Simmons sci-fi fanzine.

Tiny, Mr.

Michael McGurl. Thanked on Gene's solo album notes. KISS' road manager 1977-8.

Torburg, Dale

The official KISS wrestler with the WCW who appeared in the guise as "The Demon"...

Townhouse, The

The location where finishing touches were put on the Rock Hard vocal track in August 1988... Located in London, England...


One of Paul Stanley's pre-KISS bands. c. 1969. Other band members included Stephen Coronel (Guitar), Marty Cohen (bass), and Stan Singer. Tree did not survive long.

Tree, The

The name of Peter Criss' band with Mark St. John in the early 1990's. Demos were recorded but nothing ever resulted. Several of the songs were written by Peter, Mark and Phil Naro. Some of this material is planned to be recorded on a Mark St. John solo album.

Trerotola, Jeanette

Jeanette Frehley's maiden name. Ace met her in 1970.

Trident Studios

Studio located in the Soho area of London, England where Gene Simmons' and Paul Stanley's solo albums were mixed. Built in 1967 artists such as the Beatles, David Bowie, Queen, the Rolling Stones, and Genesis had utilized the facility with their custom Trident 'A' Range console. The studio was one of the UK industry innovators and first adopters of Dolby noise reduction. The Trident 'A' range console was sold in 1983 to Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles.

Tropea, John

A musician's musician, John Tropea is one of the most admired and highly regarded guitar players of his generation. With the ability to play in a variety of styles, Tropea has written for and collaborated with major recording artists from around the world. His resume includes his own solo career and work with Deodato, Laura Nyro, Harry Chapin, Paul Simon, Alice Cooper Eric Clapton, Dr. John, and many others. His credits on Peter Criss' 1978 solo album are guitar on the tracks "Easy Thing," "Rock Me, Baby" and "I Can't Stop The Rain." Tropea began his guitar studies at age 12 and went on to Berklee School of Music in Boston, where he studied jazz guitar, harmony, composition, and big band arranging. He is currently working on his latest solo album, "Got Your Rhythm Right Here," which is set for release in 2013.

Troyer, Eric

Plays piano on "Radioactive" and "Living in Sin" on Gene Simmons' album. In 1978 Eric was a session player who had written a song for Cher (which wasn't used). He made a guest appearance on Bruce Kulick's Blackjack "Worlds Apart" album in 1980. Indiana native Eric Troyer's professional resume reads like a who's who of rock history. His voice can be heard on mega hits such as "Woman" by John Lennon, "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel, "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler and on songs by Aerosmith, James Taylor, Meatloaf, Lou Reed, and many others. A founding member of ELO Part II, Troyer's distinctive voice and keyboards -- not to mention his tireless work ethic -- have been a staple of the band for more than 20 years. Troyer has managed to survive years of exposure to the highest levels of rock and roll insanity with his good humor intact. And for good measure, he is a health nut and history buff.

Tudor, Stephanie

Thanked on Gene's liner notes. Aucoin Management employee who was assistant to Ken Anderson (1977-80) and later director of production (1980-86). Stephanie Tudor began her tenure at Aucoin Management in 1977, working with Aucoin acts such as KISS, Piper, Starz, Toby Beau, and Billy Idol, among others. She subsequently spent nearly two decades as the vice president of A&R and administration for Jive Records. Today, Tudor is an artist manager and specializes in artist and executive relocation in the real estate field.

Tunison, Ron

Photographer who shot the picture used for the cover of the 1970 Chelsea album...

Tuttle, Lyle

San Francisco tattoo artist responsible for Paul Stanley's "Rose" tattoo in June 1974...

Tweed, Shannon

Playboy model and Gene Simmons' partner with whom he has two children.

Tyler, Steven

Lead singer of Aerosmith thanked by Gene on his album notes.


Uhelszki, Jan

Thanked on Gene's liner notes. Music journalist and early supporter of KISS, Jan was given her own make-up design and appeared on stage with the band for four-minutes in Johnstown, PA on May 17, 1975! She wore the combined make-up design from the back cover of "Hotter than Hell" (Kiss Alive Forever) and was the only person to share the stage with the made-up band until Joe Perry in 2003. She recalled the event in the legendary "I Dreamed I Was Onstage with KISS in my Maidenform Bra" piece for Creem Magazine in August 1975.

Uncle Joe

The band that Paul Stanley was in immediately after the demise of Tree in 1969. Uncle Joe was a trio which also featured Matt Rael (guitar) and Neil Teeman (drums). The band lasted until 1970. Gene Simmons assisted Uncle Joe in 1970 when the band had borrowed/rented some of his equipment for a gig.


The name of Bruce Kulick's post-KISS project featuring John Corabi, Brent Fitz, and James Hunting. Union were signed to the Mayhem Record Label. 1999 should see the release of a live album (May), followed sometime by a second studio album.


Van Halen

Thanked on Gene's liner notes, the band that Gene had discovered in Los Angeles in 1976. Gene produced their demo tape, and they served as his backing band for his 1977 "Love Gun" demos. By 1978 they were on a trajectory for fame, with Warner Bros., far exceeding KISS'. Bill Aucoin turned down Van Halen in favor of Piper, fronted by Billy Squier, who'd sign with A&M Records.

Vastano, John

Co-writer, with Michael Morgan and Vini Poncia, of "You Matter To Me." John had been the lead singer/guitarist in the band White Water that Vini had produced in 1973. They performed blue-eyed soul/R&B that was a perfect fit for Peter's voice and style.


Japanese distribution label for Casablanca, 1975-9.

Vidal, Bernard

Photographer who shot the picture used on the back cover of Animalize and the photographys used in the Asylum album. Bernard's previous work included the original cover photography for Creatures Of The Night and Lick It Up...

Village Recorder, The

The location of the recording of Hotter Than Hell in Los Angeles, CA...

Village Voice, The

A New York paper which was used regularly by band members who placed adds looking for other musicians. Most famously, to KISStory, is the add Gene and Paul placed looking for a guitarist in December 1972 (this was the ad Ace Frehley responded to), but it is an earlier add Gene had placed which elicited a response from Paul Stanley, though nothing came of this first encounter.

Vincent, Vinnie

KISS' second guitarist, brought in as a replacement for Ace Frehley during the Creatures Of The Night recording sessions. Vinnie made an immediate impact with both his songwriting skills and musical abilities, well evident on both Creatures and Lick It Up. Unfortunately, personality clashes led to Vinnie having a short tenure with the band with him quitting/being fired at the end of the Lick It Up Tour in April 1984. From KISS he went on to form the Vinnie Vincent Invasion who released one fantastic and one mediocre album before half of his band split to form Slaughter. Since then Vinnie has been involved in several projects and has released one EP 1996...


A short lived band that Gene was responsible for producing in the late 1970's.

Vivona, Damien

Vivona along with record distributor, Bruce Owen, and released a home video titled "Inside the Casbah" in 1994, a retrospective on Casablanca Records which included video material concerning KISS that had fallen into the public domain. However, he also trademarked the famous Casablanca Record & Filmworks logo, as well as Rock Steady!


French distribution label for Casablanca, 1976-9.

Vogue Magazine

Magazine where Gene worked as an editorial assistant in 1972.

Voorhees, Scott

Thanked on Gene's liner notes.



Two W.A.S.P. studio albums also feature Bob Kulick, though the band opened for Kiss in 1986. Ace is alleged to have produced demos for the band in 1982/3, but that is highly improbable. Blackie Lawless, then Stephen Duren, was friends with Ace as a child.

Wagner, Dick

Former Alice Cooper Band guitarist, who Bob Ezrin knew well, who provided the guitar solo for "Sweet Pain" on the Destroyer album. His participation came about due to Bob being unsatisfied with Ace's effort. Ace, naturally, was furious. Dick also alleges to have appeared on Revenge, but he can probably fight that one out with Vinnie!

Wald, Jeff

Janis Ian's manager thanked by Gene on his album notes.

Waldo, Jimmy

Keyboardist and vocalist in Vinnie Vincent's pre-KISS project Warrior... Jimmy was also a member of the Paul Stanley produced New England, and later appeared on Alcatraz and Quiet Riot albums as well as the 1994 Bob and Bruce Kulick involved Blackthorn project...

Walsh, Ed

Synthesizer player on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Walsh, Jan

Thanked on Gene's liner notes. Gene's girlfriend 1972-5, who introduced him to the music of Slade, and was present at the first ever KISS show on January 30, 1973. She sued Gene in 2005 "based on the use of her photograph, without her knowledge or consent, in a documentary" in conjunction with comments he made (allegedly making her sound like a "sex-addicted nymphomaniac"). The case was settled in June 2006 with an "amicable resolution" after Gene won the first phase of the case having the motion concerning use of the photograph dismissed in November 2005. Gene commented, "I value my early relationship with [X] and wish her well... My quotes in the documentary that [X] took issue with were solely about me, not Ms. Ward or anyone else."

Ward, Billy

Drummer who replaced Anton Fig in Frehley's Comet during the 1987 summer tour...

Warner Bros. Records

Initially, the distributor of Casablanca Records, which did not last past the early part of 1974.


Another of Vinnie Vincent's pre-KISS bands, one which never released any material... Other members of this band included former New England (produced by Paul Stanley) members Hirsch Gardner, Gary Shea, and Jimmy Waldo.

Washington, Ned

Co-writer, with Leigh Harline, of "When You Wish upon a Star," from the 1940 movie "Pinochio" recorded by Gene Simmons. This song was a sentimental tip of the hat to the Disney cartoons that had helped Gene learn English soon after moving to America in 1958.

Wassen, Nancy

Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Weiss, Mark

Photographer responsible for the back cover photo on "You Wanted The Best" and the cover photo used in the logo on "Greatest KISS"...

Weissman, Mitch

Member of Beatlemania (as Paul McCartney) who provided background-vocals for "Mr. Make Believe," "See You Tonite," and "Always Near You/Nowhere To Hide." Mitch had seen one of Gene's pre-KISS bands perform at a Bat Mitzvah. Mitch went on to write numerous songs with Gene, and others, appearing on albums as diverse as WOW and Keel along with performing "Remember Me" with Richie Scarlett on the 1997 "Return Of The Comet" Ace Frehley tribute album...

Weissman, Toni

Thanked on Gene's solo album notes.

Werner, Steve

Final drummer in the Ace Frehley Band before the KISS Reunion put solo projects on hold in 1996...

West, Linda

Bill's executive assistant at Aucoin Management. Thanked on Gene's liner notes.

Wexler, Norman

Photographer who shot the pictures used on the cover of the Crazy Joe album...

White Tiger

Mark St. John's post-KISS band project which release a self-titled album in 1986. The band broke up while working on a second album in 1988.

Whitmore, Stewart

2nd engineer at Sound Labs, Inc. for Peter Criss' album recording sessions.

Who Dares Wins

A working title for the album that became "Crazy Nights". Some promotional material for the album with this title turned up in Japan...

Wick, Walter

Photographer who shot the picture used for the cover of Crazy Nights...

Wicked Lester

Gene and Paul's first band which had any chance of success. With Stephen Coronel (later replaced by Ron Leejack), Tony Zarella, and Brooke Ostrander, Wicked Lester recorded two rather experimental albums, both of which were rejected by Epic Records. Afterwards Wicked Lester split up. Paul and Gene were trying to get together and new version of the band, and Peter joined Wicked Lester. The studio recordings have never officially surfaced, though they have long been available to collectors in bootleg form. Wicked Lester apparently only played live once, though there are conflicting comments about this.

Willard, Maxine

Backing vocalist, with Julia Tillman (her sister) and Marian Dixon, on "Tossin' And Turnin'" and "I Can't Stop The Rain." She had done session work with Al Kooper, Dave Mason, Rita Coolidge, and others.

Williams, Wendy O.

Former member of the Plasmatics whose solo project heavily involved KISS members. Ace Frehley played guitar on one track and Eric Carr provides drums on one track. Paul also plays on one track while Gene produces the album. It is possible that Vinnie Vincent, who cowrites one track, (with Eric, Paul and Gene) also appears on one track, "It's My Life" which is alleged to be a KISS track with Wendy's vocals simply overdubbed. The album featured several other KISS-member cowritten tracks, including "Thief In The Night" which KISS would record in 1987. Sadly, Wendy committed suicide in 1998.

Winding, Jai

Keyboardist on Peter Criss' 1982 solo album, "Let Me Rock You"...

Wise, Richie

Co-producer of KISS' first two studio albums, KISS and Hotter Than Hell, in 1974. More importantly, Richie was a performer in his own right, a member of the band Dust, who had been moderately successful in rock markets. He used to grimace while playing live, a picture of which was featured in a Cream special, which was spotted by Gene, who liked (and emulated) what he saw with the expressions! See also Kenny Kerner.

Wittman, Dave

Engineer at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, for recording of tracks for Peter Criss' album and "Tonight You Belong to Me," "Move On," and "Ain't Quite Right" on Paul Stanley's album. Dave had engineered the original KISS demo in 1973 and many KISS recordings since.

Witz, Chaim

Gene Simmons' real name. Refer to the entry for Gene Simmons.

Witz, Feri and Florence

Gene's parents, divorced. Florence Witz, a Hungarian, brought Gene to America in 1958, his father remained in Israel.

Wolfert, David

Co-producer of Peter's 1980 solo album "Out Of Control." Wolfert also co-wrote three of the albums tracks, including the single "By Myself," and played guitars.

Woloch, Dennis

An employee of Glickman/Marks Management Corp., Woloch served as the art director for KISS from 1975-1987. Woloch oversaw art direction for several graphically iconic KISS albums, including "Alive!," "Destroyer," "Rock And Roll Over," the 1978 solo albums, and "Creatures Of The Night." For "The Elder," Woloch was charged with carrying out the album's esoteric graphic vision. He scouted several New York church doors, taking photograph samples. Woloch served as the liaison with Manhattan Prop Works, the company that built "The Elder" door, and David Spindel, who photographed the album package. Aside from KISS, Woloch has also designed albums for artists such as Diana Ross, Starz and Peter Gallway. Today, Woloch designs albums, logos, advertising campaigns, books, and more under the auspices of his own company, Dennis Woloch Design.

Worldwide Konvention Tour 1995

KISS' Unplugged tour of 1995 which visited Australia and the domestic-US. Not only did they perform unusual sets of classic and rare material, the brought a mobile museum and gave a Q&A session. Peter Criss and Vinnie Vincent appeared at Konventions.



Youngblood, Youngheart

The title of a song Vinnie Vincent recorded for a film of the same name, featuring Rob Lowe, with Jeff Scott Soto in 1988. It was not used..

Young Doctor's In Love

Movie, directed by Garry Marshall, in which Paul Stanley made his acting debut in 1982 as a rock star who had choked on his microphone. The film was a spoof on American daytime soap-operas and featured the likes of Demi Moore, Dabney Coleman, and Harry Dean Stanton, unfortunately, Paul's scene was later cut...


Zarella, Tony

Drummer in Wicked Lester who was purportedly hired because he looked like Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath!


A flying instrumental track which Bruce played at Guitar Expos and recorded for "Guitar's Practising Musician Vol. 2" in 1990.

Zlozower, Neil

Photographer responsible for the picture used on the 1985 reissue of Creatures Of The Night cover...

Zonana, Saul

Bassist for Ace Frehley during the studio sessions in 1995 which resulted in the “Cherokee Boogie” instrumental for the Smell The Fuzz CD...

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