1. Kiss in the clubs
  2. "Kiss" Tour
  3. "Hotter Than Hell" Tour
  4. "Dressed To Kill" Tour
  5. "Alive!" Tour
  6. "Destroyer" Tour
  7. "Rock And Roll Over" Tour
  8. "Love Gun" Tour
  9. "Alive II" Tour
  10. "Dynasty" Tour
  11. "Unmasked" Tour
  12. "Creatures Of The Night" Tour
  13. "Lick It Up" Tour
  14. "Animalize" Tour
  15. "Asylum" Tour

This feature looks at the audio live recordings (and some video) known to exist, though not necessarily circulate. It's not "static," so the entries will change as information is added and revised, along with multimedia, so just because you can't see/hear something one day, doesn't mean it won't be added the next! The ultimate object of this project is to have samples of every known archived show available for fans to see/hear. AND more, such as contemporary reviews of the shows the recordings are from, gig flyers, tape lineages, etc. Hopefully, a multimedia feast! For many diehard fans, they'll say, "blah," since they've heard and seen everything. The "hoarders" may snicker, wallowing in the pomposity and masturbatory ego-gratification that a show they have isn't listed. But not to be too much of a dick, there's a couple of shows I can't mention either. But if you're just getting into trading or interested in unofficial recordings, this should hopefully become the resoruce for your audio queries. Video has already been excellently cataloged online by Naked City Bootlegs, so I'm not particularly interested in re-treading ground already covered, except perhaps where particular videos can be "illustrated." Contributions/comments are welcomed.


It's sad, but a disclaimer needs to be added: Material featured as part of this feature IS NOT offered for sale or trade. KISSMONSTER neither sells or trades, but will BUY uncirculated master recordings (demos too - email me!). This feature and the samples are for supplementary reference purposes only. For instance, should you be organizing a trade, you could always ask, "is yours the same, better, or worse" than such-a-such sample on KISSMONSTER's feature...

A note about volume:

The audio sample clips have not been "mastered" to be delivered at the same volume level. As a result you may need to adjust your volume manually. Sorry.


AUD - Audience Recording. A recording from the audience, through a variety of methods. In some cases recordings with quality equipment can be mistaken for soundboards, but that is somewhat rare.

SBD - Soundboard Recording. It's generally accepted that this sort of recording is from a source via the mixing desk of a venue. It is essentially what the crowd hears, though high quality, since varying, and usually low, levels of the audience background noise are captured. Concert CDs such as "Instant Live" and "Concert Live" mix the soundboard feed with an audience track to give a more authentic feel to the recording.

Cuts are where a section of song/show is completely missing and the show jumps from one part to another. This is in contrast to Drop-Outs were a section of show is missing, but the missing part is distorted or simply not present, and the show continues after that missing part. Distortion can mean many things from tape-wobbles to battery-related tape drags to muffling from mic issues.

Best way to submit corrections/clarifications or note any errors is by emailing HERE
rather than leaving a comment that may be missed here!
Your contributions are welcomed and appreciated -- no one can ever know it all, the mission remains!