Vinnie Vincent

Personal Data

KISS Tenure: 1982-84
Instrument(s): Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Harmonica
Character: "The Warrior"
Real Name: Vincent John Cusano
Birth Date: Aug. 6, 1952
Birth Place: Bridgeport, CT
Parents: Alphonso & Terri
Spouse(s)/Partner: Ann-Marie Peters (1981?), Diane (date?)
Children: Elizabeth and Jessica (1982)

Pre-KISS Employment

Guitar teacher
Session musician

Pre-KISS Bands

The Younger Generation, Hunter, Treasure, Dan Hartman Band, Edgar Winter Band, Warrior
Vinnie Vincent Bandology (PDF)

Post-KISS Bands

Vinnie Vincent Invasion (1986-1988), Solo (1988-1996)

Extra-curricular Activities



Vinnie Vincent Biography

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