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Personal Data

Character: "The Catman"
KISS Tenure: 1972-1980; 1996-2001; 2003
Instrument(s): Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Real Name: Peter George John Criscuola
Birth Date: Dec. 20, 1945
Parents: Joe & Loretta
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York City, NY
Spouses: Lydia DiLeonardo (married Jan. 31, 1970; divorced 1979), Debra Jensen (married Dec. 22 1979; divorced 1994), Gigi (married May 3, 1998)
Children: Jenilee (Apr. 7, 1981)

Pre-KISS Employment

Surgical Supply Store

Men's Clothing Store Salesman

Pre-KISS Bands

Stars, Joey Greco & The In Crowd, Barracudas, Sounds Of Soul, The Brotherhood, The Vintage, Nautilis, Chelsea, Lips, Wicked Lester, Infinity
Peter Criss Bandology (PDF)

Post-KISS Bands

Solo (1980-1983, 2003-), The Alliance (1984-1985), Balls Of Fire (1986), The Tree/Keep (1989-1991), Criss (1992-1995)

Extra-curricular Activities



Peter Criss Biography

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