Personal Data

Character: "The Starchild"
KISS Tenure: 1972-
Instrument(s): Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Lead Guitar
Real Name: Stanley Bert Eisen
Birth Date: Jan. 20, 1952
Birth Place: Queens, New York City, NY
Parents: William & Eva (1924-2012)
Spouse(s)/Partner: Pamela Bowen (married July 26, 1992; divorced March 5, 2001), Erin Sutton (married Nov. 19, 2005)
Children: Evan Shane (June 6, 1994), Colin Michael (Sept. 6, 2006), Sarah Brianna (Jan. 28, 2009), Emily Grace (Aug. 9, 2011)

Pre-KISS Employment

Taxi Driver
Kosher Deli Worker

Pre-KISS Bands

Uncle Joe, Incubus, Postwar Baby-Boom, Tree, Rainbow, Wicked Lester
Paul Stanley Bandology (PDF)

Extra-curricular Activities



Paul Stanley Biography

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